Don't panic!!!!

Ok, so after the break up I have been somewhat of a procrastinator – I haven’t quite packed as much as I had planned, nor have I started redecorating for the new tenant after I leave.

I have found time to blog recently, but seeing as I do that on my 2nd monitor whilst watching TV shows, that probably doesn’t count as an actual activity…

Now all of a sudden everything kicks off. I get a message from Sarah to tell me that they now have a house from Monday and to get my arse in gear, and get the stuff over to the UK. At the same time, I find a tenant to take over the lease when I leave.

Cool, thinks I, 6 weeks to get sorted – Nice one…not so, tenant lady needs to be in on the 1st of April


So, I now have 17 days to finish packing, decorate, deliver practically the full contents of a 3 bedroom house to the UK and move into my new apartment. Damn you procrastination, damn you to hell.

To say nothing of the fact that I have to work all day throughout the week, leaving all this work to my scheduled TV time Confused

Ahh well, back to The 4400 and Flight of the Conchords….

….Oh, as an aside – Just got this in my email

A â??Uniqueâ? blend, methinks

I have GOT to get me some of that Grin

3 thoughts on “Don't panic!!!!

  1. hey….. don’t worry, you will wake up soon….. honest, would i lie to you….

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