Fun with the Sons..

So I am still recovering from all the travel that I have done recently, but wanted to post about what a great time I had with Sarah and the kids last weekend.

I left home at 02:00 on Friday morning to catch the 02:30 bus to Hahn Airport (yep, I am a cheapskate when it comes to travel).   For some reason I can’t sleep on the bus, neither can I sleep in the airport or on the plane.   Sarah meets me at Stanstead Airport at around 7am and we wend our merry way to Notts.   I fail to sleep in the car too.   Damnit mind, give me a break.

I manage to get around 3 hours or so kip when we get to Sarahs, the kids were at school so the rest was nice.   Around 15:30 we head off to pick the kids up from school.   They have no idea at all that I am visiting, so I am expecting shock and surprise…I wasn’t expecting Zak to spot me out of his classroom window.   The first thing I saw was a vigourously waving hand and realising it is Zak, I turn away and try to pretend that it isn’t me…no joy however, as when he comes out of his class, he is smiling his head off and waving to me.   Brandon, however, hasn’t noticed me and Sarah quickly instructs Zak not to say anything.   Brandon is totally distracted and doesn’t spot me at all.   To the point where Sarah tells him to look up, which causes him to look directly up into the sky….

Still he eventually sees me and I am mobbed by both kids Grin

We go on a run to Tesco…can I just add decent supermarkets to the list of the few things I miss about the UK?   I can?….thanks Smile   I get the kids a magazine, the choice of which is based entirely on the free toy on the front.   You gotta love that about kids, up to a certain age, brand and quality has nothing to do with the entertainment that can be garnered by a toy.   I also don’t recall the magazines being read at all…but *meh*.

That night, Kenny comes over to fit Sarahs living room carpet, but looks more knackered than I do and decides to leave it until Monday.   I thank Jesus and all his Apostles, as I would have had to help move stuff around and frankly I had less energy than a sloth with MS.

Saturday morning we get up and head over to see my folks, I discover that my mum is now officially old….she tells Sarah that she will get in some “Special Ham” for the visit.   I mean, when sandwich meat becomes special for visits, you are only 1 step away from the special tea china and then it is game over…..   I discover that I own at lawn darts…though only when I am using a broken dart for some reason.   Oh, and whatever team Zak is on…wins.   “Special Ham” sandwiches are consumed and we head back to Sarahs where I try and eat an entire chocolate cheescake unsuccessfully after taking a trip to Big W to buy the kids a toy each.

Sunday morning, Sarah is late for a rounders tournament because I didn’t wake her up.   So we head over, she plays 1 game and we leave.   The kids are spending loads of time on the trampoline that Sarahs mum bought for them and I eventually get roped into getting on there.

After being impressed that it didn’t collapse under my weight, me and the kids were messing around play fighting and knocking each other over….it is at this point that Sarah decides to get Brandons toy (a giant water pistol) and start soaking us whilst we are all trapped on the trampoline.   The camera didn’t want to work, so I have no photographic evidence of my tomfoolery, but I haven’t laughed that much in a loong time.

I do some homework with the kids, and I can honestly say that the British schooling system for their age group is superb.   They have come on in leaps and bounds and are spelling, reading and counting to a really good level now.   I am very very proud of them, and the way that Sarah encourages them is fantastic.   It is an absolute joy to see how much they both love their homework and want to progress more and more.

Later on that day, Sarah drives me back to the airport.   Bren turns up to look after the kids, and I am glad he did as he was able to distract them (and to some extent me aswell) and we didn’t have the horrible crying and sobbing that typifies this kind of goodbye.

To finish off, my cheapness comes back to bite me when Ryanair are announcing delays to practically every flight from Stanstead…they don’t announce them though, until I am at the gate waiting to board….damnit

I eventually arrive home at 02:30 on Monday morning and have to be up 4 hours later for work.

I am still knackered now…but you know what?

Totally worth it


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