Get rich quick…

05/2008: 7 cents for a nickelSo, over the years I have thought of many ways I can turn my hobbies into money..which invariably means looking for ideas that noone else has thought of on the web…what with me being the consumate geek and all.

I tried LAN parties and it ended up costing me money, I tried to get an “Adult” site off the ground, but wasn’t ‘dreamy’ enough to entice attractive, nubile young ladies to strip off (more’s the pity :cry: )…just kidding, but it could have worked…honest. It would have been tasteful and arty and….heh, who am I kidding, I would have just been the lecherous photographer. And let’s face it, there are more than enough online sex toy emporiums.

I did however stumble on an idea for 2 websites and an invention…the only problem is my normal method of using procrastination to achieve…well…nothing I guess.

So I will post the ideas here, as some form of proof that they were my idea first, I will then sue anybody that successfully starts one of these, therefore making all of the money that such enterprises could make, with none of that actual effort stuff. Genius eh? I thought so…

Andy Winters: Ok, so there could be some copyright type issues, but think Anne Summers, but targeted at men…. Ok, not the greatest idea..moving swiftly on This one really could work. You know how (for most blokes anyway) presents we buy for the ladies in our lives are invariably returned for store credit? Well, this website would offer boxed, framed, gilt edged reciepts, that the missus can type a number into the website and be re-imbursed, via paypal the value of the reciept. They can then use this money to buy something Gucci from ebay, or at least the knock-off Guccci, Rolox or parda versions. Of course, the re-imbursement web address would be something like or something else equally squeamish and vomit inducing. The only downside that I can see is that cheapskate guys wouldn’t be able to buy something that looks expensive, yet wasn’t…

The invention I will keep to myself as, if this procastinating spell ever dwindles, I will need something to keep me busy (other than my lawsuits against whichever one of you stole my websites) :-D

Why am I thinking about this crap? I am bloody skint as always, and tired… Essentially I decided to perform a 39 hour, 1100 km sleep deprivation, white van man challenge. Then had 5 and a half hours sleep and headed back.

I don’t recall being this tired since…well the last time I did this challenge a couple months ago.

That’s it though, I am hanging up the White Van and changing my name to Rip Van-bloody-Winkle in an effort to get some sleep soon. Still, at least I didn’t have to get up at 6 this morning to get to work…

…oh wait


**Side note: I apologise for how crap this post is, I am sure that other bloggers will relate. You have an idea for a post, and it feels good, it feels right, then half-way through it you realise that it is rapidly going nowhere…then you almost feel compelled to delete it, but are too tired after your sleep experiment to come up with another idea, so you post it anyway and hope noone notices.

Peace – Rip van W