I love Germany – Part 2

Seeing as I live in Germany, this could well end up being a continuing theme…

You may recall my first I love Germany post and love of daft product names. Well, there are other reasons to love Germany.

No, not legalised prostitution….ok, that could be considered a reason – but not my reason.

It’s the food. The food is just so fantastic, and in addition to Meat Cheese. they have amazing Schnitzels (traditionally thin veal steaks in breadcrumbs, but regularly pork too) and sausages (the bratwurst is fantabulous). My personal faves are JaegerSchnitzel and Currywurst.

JaegerSchnitzel is covered in what is called a woodland sauce, creamy and mushroomy and fanstic..y. Currywurst is a bratwurst with a tomato based sauce covering it, topped off with curry powder.

Both are best served with pommes (note spelling) in my humble opinion.

There is a restaurant in called “Cafe & Restaurant Waldgeist” in Hofheim, not too far from where I live. They serve giant schnitzel and currywurst, the likes of which you have never seen.

One for the ladies?A light snack?

Check out their gallery for more pics, it is unbelievable.

My personal fave is the menus. Drinks and Food (PDF Downloads).

When I go, I will most certainly be trying their bitesize, 1.2kg Rump Steak and will wash it down with “Bembel des Todes”, an 8 liter Bacardi and Coke.

Just found this on Youtube….

Pay particular attention at the end…you see the little sparkler they put in the Schnitzel on the ladies plate? Kids portion…. 8-O

I am currently….

…happy – There is no other word for it right now.

Lets look at the contributing factors:

  1. Liverpool won last night, which means we* are in the Quarter Finals of the Champions League
  2. I managed to replace my fire damaged cooker extractor fan unit for â??25
  3. I have the blog bug**
  4. I have confirmed that I have an apartment to go into when I leave the one I am in
  5. Said apartment will save me shitloads of cash a month
  6. And will have Sky TV fed in by the landlord
  7. I have had 2 random phone call approaches about jobs in the last 2 weeks (ego massage anyone?)
  8. I stunned my boss into speechlessness (is that a word) with an improvement plan he never saw coming
  9. I sent my kids 2 giant Kinder Surprise easter eggs
  10. I am really enjoying my conversations with Sarah

Not bad really, especially the Sarah thing.    As you probably gathered from  my first post, I still care deeply for her.   So I am very happy that I can still make her laugh, and she is still doing the same for me.

What does that mean?   No idea, probably nothing.   But it is nice and it contributes to me being happy right now.   Of course, I have to head to work in a few minutes, so that could all change very shortly…

Just to talk about number 2 for a second (hahhah I said number 2), a few months ago I was cooking one of my favourite German junk foods, Fleischkase.   For those of you with German language skills, this literally translates to “Meat Cheese”.   If that sounds disgusting to you, you are probably a normal and well adjusted individual.   However, it tastes….well…..genius, if I am honest.

Anyway, the best way to cook “Meat Cheese” is in a frying pan with a little oil and serve with loads of pimmel  (sic) and then the junk condiment of your choice.   I prefer what is referred to here as Rot/Weiss (Ketchup/Mayo).   So there I am, heating up the pan with a little oil and the phone rings.   I answer the phone (as most of you would have done..don’t judge me), but then do I

  1. Go back into the kitchen and either turn down or at the very least monitor the hot oil in pan situation.   Or
  2. Go and sit on the sofa and have a 30 minute conversation

Tick tick tick  – We are going to have to hurry you……

For those of you that picked #1, you clearly don’t know me very well.   I opted for a well thought out sofa chat, whilst leaving an open frying pan with hot oil to catch fire.

I didn’t notice this fire until after the conversation, by which point the kitchen was entirely black.

Suffice to say, I am quite lucky to still be here and more lucky that the apartment is.

Meat Cheese flambe anyone?

* Yes I, like all men, feel the need to describe my favourite football team as if I am one of the players…or more accurately, owners
** Possibly contagious, but as yet unproven to be terminal (time and upcoming posts will tell though)