Political Kids?

I have been off work ill today with the mother (and quite possibly the father) of all migraines.

 Unfortunately, I didn’t predict this headache from hell, which meant I was unable to stock up on the necessities that such a painful day would require….namely cigarettes.   Yes I know, smoking is bad etc etc, but as I can’t understand what the German government puts on the box as warnings, I figure what I don’t know can’t hurt :-p

 That left me a short while ago, staggering down the street in an eye watering, heavily medicated stupour to the local cigarette dealer.   On my way there, I noticed a sign – a handwritten sign no less, attached to the local Kindergarten gate.   This sign (roughly translated you understand) says :-

“Kindergarten XXXXX shows solidarity to the striking workforce”**

Well done, thinks I, supporting firefighters, nurses, police or whatever amazing organisation that is rarely rewarded for their unwavering commitment to putting themselves on the line for people like me, what a great thing to do.

As I was staggering back from that most dangerous of drug peddlars (cigarette sellers….keep up), it hits me.   The people on strike are the bus, train and tram drivers of this lovely city I currently call home.   Now, if they are getting a raw deal and bad treatment, then fair enough, striking is an option open to them.     But just what is it about their plight that would cause a kindergarten to feel so moved as to make a political statement on behalf of a group of children ranging from 6 months to 5 years old.

Not particularly funny, but pain medication will do that to a fella….

**At least I think that’s what it says, I can’t be sure – It could be talking about their favourite cats for all I know….

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