It's Official

So it would appear that, despite all evidence to the contrary, I am in fact Gods Gift.

Also, a vision.   I am not sure if I would have preferred “A visionary gods gift” or “Gods gift to visionarys”, but you gotta admit, it’s pretty damned good.

Unfortunately, this does not mean that I have dropped the Fester look and about 15 kilos :cry: but I will take it and use it in personal advertisements – It is already on my CV….

What did I have to do to earn this amazing new reference to myself?   Help someone, that’s it ladies and gentlemen, help someone.   Quite simple really when you think about it.   Get off your arse and help someone when you don’t actually stand to directly benefit yourselves.

Anyway, enough of my innate amazingness….

It is also official that there is a new method to getting things your own way, at the speed you want them, and it no longer requires you to “Speak to your manager about this”.

It is simply the phrase “I insist”

How does this work?   Let me give you an example.

Picture the scene, you are a user of computer systems where you work (easy enough, that’s where you probably are now).   An IT project, that may or may not allow you to work from home, is scheduled to go live…lets say a month ago.

This was the plan, and plans are prone to change.   You apply for access to said project and tell your management that you will be able to work from home from some date the following month.

You take the decision to arrange this with your management with absolutely no feedback from the IT Department.

So far, so normal.

The friendly IT Department send you a mail to explain that, due to factors beyond their control, they are unable to provide the service and that the project is delayed by an, as yet, undeterminable amount of time.

At this point do you :

  1. Contact your management and explain the situation, and lay the blame (rightly) at the door of the IT Department
  2. Write the following email to the IT Department (More specifically the poor Help Desk who are simply passing on the information)

 “Dear Help Desk

  I sent a request for access to the new project to work from home a number of weeks ago, and I still do not have the equipment and access that I need.   I have made a commitment to my management team to begin working from home by the beginning of next month.   I insist that you send me the equipment by close of business Friday”

If you selected option 1, you are not fit to work where I do.

If you selected option 2, you are a winner, the helpful guys on the Help Desk will instantly overturn the decision of the project and provide you will all of the tools necessary for this project to work.

Unfortunately, the kindly (and dare I say it, over-worked) souls on the Help Desk, escalate the situation to their Team Leader (namely me), as they are unable to help.   Now,  I contact you to remind you that we are unable to process the request, and that we don’t know when that will be.   I also suggest that it may be prudent to inform your management that this will not happen soon.

I have heard nothing else, and the “deadline” has passed.

I love people at work….no really.

1 thought on “It's Official

  1. We love our users don’t we?

    We also love our glorious leader who kindly suffers all the abuse so that we don’t have to :P

    It’s great to be able to say “Please Hold, I’ll transfer you to the Team leader.”
    Of course, if you append the phrase “And he’ll sort everything out” you’re just asking for a punch in the teeth… :D

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