Don't panic!!!!

Ok, so after the break up I have been somewhat of a procrastinator – I haven’t quite packed as much as I had planned, nor have I started redecorating for the new tenant after I leave.

I have found time to blog recently, but seeing as I do that on my 2nd monitor whilst watching TV shows, that probably doesn’t count as an actual activity…

Now all of a sudden everything kicks off. I get a message from Sarah to tell me that they now have a house from Monday and to get my arse in gear, and get the stuff over to the UK. At the same time, I find a tenant to take over the lease when I leave.

Cool, thinks I, 6 weeks to get sorted – Nice one…not so, tenant lady needs to be in on the 1st of April


So, I now have 17 days to finish packing, decorate, deliver practically the full contents of a 3 bedroom house to the UK and move into my new apartment. Damn you procrastination, damn you to hell.

To say nothing of the fact that I have to work all day throughout the week, leaving all this work to my scheduled TV time :-?

Ahh well, back to The 4400 and Flight of the Conchords….

….Oh, as an aside – Just got this in my email

A â??Uniqueâ? blend, methinks

I have GOT to get me some of that :-D

3 thoughts on “Don't panic!!!!

  1. hey….. don’t worry, you will wake up soon….. honest, would i lie to you….

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