She just canna tek it capn, we don't have the pooer

LAN party goodness - The left side ended up with no powerâ??A while ago I used to run LAN parties (I mentioned my general geekiness before right?), they started off with about 9 people taking over my house for the weekend, and ended up with some decent numbers and some excellent prize giveaways. It was fun, bloody hard work, but fun.

So anyway, we were running our 7th, LAN in an old building where power requirements were quite….tight shall we say.

We setup the LAN, everyone started arriving and setting up, the games had commenced and fun was being had by all. We even had Lindsay and her friend doing a cafe type thing in the Kitchen just off the main room.
I think it was the next morning where we experienced our first power outage. Bang, the whole room tripped out and we had essentially melted the main distribution board. We managed to limp back into life, but only with half of the LAN running. Now with tournaments to run, beers to be drunk and various other distractions, I didn’t need 50% of the attendees bored out of their minds.

We phoned around for a generator, a friend of a friend apparently had one that could power half the world if necessary. Unfortunately, the friend of a friend had decided to take his entirely family on holiday to have fun in the sun. Selfish Bastard.

With that down, another friend mentioned that he had a small generator that could probably power 5 or 6 PCs. We jumped at the chance, and the “smoking room”, quickly became the power core. It also became ridiculously loud and with a distinct smell of petrol. All was well, if you class well as having 5 PCs fading in and out like something out of Star Trek when some alien ship/being starts to drain the power.

In fear for their PCs, the attendees decided to switch off…probably a good call.

At this point, with stress levels at an all time high for me and Lee (more stories about Lee later), we were probably minutes away from people starting to leave…when this happened:

Scene Right: Entrance: Lindsay approaches stressed Lee and Dave across the room, she is carrying something.

Close up: Dave/Lee: They acknowledge Lindsay but do not see what is being carried – They appear distracted

Close up: Lindsay: (In a cheerful tone) “You will figure it out guys, here – Have a coffee”

Close up: Lindsays hands: Lindsay proffers not one but two cups, there appears to be a milky brown liquid inside and possibly smoke coming from them.

Pull back: All 3: Dave and Lee gratefully accept steaming hot coffee, each take a sip and place their cups on the table in front of them

Close up: Dave: “Thanks, I really need this”

Close up: Lee: “Me too, thanks Linds”

Close up: Dave: “How the hell are we going to do this?”

Close up: Lee: “No fucking idea mate, but we better think fast”

Pull back: All 3: Dave picks up coffee for another drink – Dave: “Nice coffee Linds, thanks again”

Close up: Lee: “Yeah, it’s good – Where did you get it from?”

I think you can all see where this fine script is heading…

Pull back: All 3: Lindsay: “From the kitchen, why? Do you want another one”

It was at this point that Lee and I made a mad dash to the kitchen to discover that it remained blissfully unaffected by the power issues we were having…Lee told me afterwards that commercial kitchens have to run off of their own, high capacity, ring main and distribution due to the requirements of some commercial kitchen appliances.

After beating him repeatedly about the head for not telling me that in the first place, we hastily looped some power through into the kitchen and the party was in full swing once more.

We. Are. Idiots

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