Procrastination…sounds more active than it is

So, as you may recall from my Don’t Panic post, I don’t have a lot of time to get quite a lot done. However, I am sorely lacking the kick up the arse required. Let me give you last night as an example, my planning was thus:

  1. Get home
  2. Have a bite to eat
  3. Finish main bedroom (Packing and Cleaning)
  4. Pack kitchen
  5. Go to bed around 23:00

Seems like a reasonable plan. Not massively complicated, certainly achievable…so far so good. However, what actually happened:

  1. Got home
  2. Had a bite to eat
  3. Surfed the net for a bit, checked mail, finished yesterdays blog post
  4. Installed new component onto webserver
  5. Checked and configured new component onto webserver
  6. Half packed main bedroom (No cleaning done)
  7. Added another module to new component on webserver
  8. Spent 30 minutes on the phone
  9. Went to bed around 23:00

Time has now become elastic to me and I in turn have turned into Superman.

Tonight I now need to:

  1. Pickup keys to new apartment
  2. Get home
  3. Have a bite to eat
  4. Finish main bedroom (packing and cleaning)
  5. Pack kitchen
  6. Pack cellar
  7. Pack study
  8. Go to bed sometime before I have to leave for work in the morning

Admittedly, I can get away with packing either the cellar or the study tomorrow night, but seriously, wtf brain….why are you torturing me and allowing me to become distracted. It’s revenge for various levels of destruction levelledMy Name Is Not Clark Kent! at you over the years drinking, isn’t it?

Is it too much to ask for my own brain to back me up? Apparently it is, which is why Lesley is coming over to help me pack, kick me up the arse and bail me out again.

I say again…Lesley and Angela both put me to shame last week by basically painting my apartment for me, with little or no assistance from me in the end. I blame Angela for that though, she told me I was crap at painting. The truth hurts, so I smoked, made drinks and refilled paint tubs…….. I became the wall checker (for missed a bits).

Ah well, know your limits I guess..hence the reason for Lesley coming over to help me finish packing


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