It's good to be back

Well, I am finally (and this time completely unexpectedly) back on the net. Last week I had a scheduled appointment for an engineer and he never showed. So this week I was waiting for a text message to confirm an appointment, and it didn’t arrive.

Unfortunately on Sunday I fell ill, but I went to work on Monday anyway, struggled through until the end of the day, despite being advised to go home by one of my bosses, and gave up on Tuesday and stayed home to recover.   I wasn’t much better on Wednesday, so stayed off again.   Around 11am I am woken up by the doorbell and am confronted by 2 engineers, here to switch on my phone/internet.

I can honestly say it made me feel better for about an hour or so, but being ill I couldn’t really enjoy it much unfortunately.   Typical.

It is also typical of German Customer Service that they don’t show up for scheduled appointments, and then turn up when I would have been at work as no appointment had been made.

It may explain the surprised look on their faces when I actually answered the door.

Still, whilst not 100%, I headed in to work yesterday and today and am now feeling better, so I should be able to enjoy my internet this weekend 8-)

As a side note, in less than 24 hours I managed to download 47.5gb of *things* 8-O

I r love teh internet5

And so it begins again…

So, I should be getting my internet this week sometime (sound familiar?).   I don’t know if the engineer will bother turning up this time, but I hope so.

I always knew that the internet was vital to my life, but I hadn’t realised just how much until now.   The blog is a small part of it, but becoming more important.   But it is things like my VoIP phone, contacting friends and family, emails, my websites, entertainment.

Pretty much everything I do involves the internet in some way.   This past few weeks has been like losing an arm.   Sad but true.

I am not the most social person some times, I know that.   I lock myself away in my apartment quite often and only surface if invited.   I enjoy watching the football and having a couple of beers.   I enjoy going out and getting wrecked sometimes, but more often than not I would rather be at home.

Since splitting from Sarah, I haven’t been able to retreat to the sanctity of the apartment completely, as my online life isn’t available to me.   I think it is causing me to become more stressed and (god forbid) more insular.   I have no interest in relationships, a lack of interest in socialising and things at work are causing more stress for me than they realistically should.   I am pretty sure that this is directly attributable to the fact that I don’t have my normal outlet for entertainment and relaxation.

I am rapidly running out of shows to watch that I downloaded before I left the old apartment, the money I was expecting to send to Sarah and the kids from the apartment deposit, doesn’t look like it will end up in my pocket.   A number of things at work are really aggravating me to the point of distraction and if I have to use the shitty PCs at the internet cafe much more I will probably go postal.

Still, it’s not all bad.   I have formed a bond with my cats !?!   You see on films the crazy cat lady – I am well on my way to being crazy cat guy.   I talk to them ffs, regularly, I even ask questions and am more than a little surprised when they offer nothing beyond a purr.

Dammit T-Com, don’t you see what you are doing to me here?

On the plus side, the stress (self inflicted or otherwise) has allowed me to lose some weight….which is nice.   I am kind of able to satiate my net needs at work and the internet cafe, but   I kind of feel like the lead character of Moonlight.   A vampire that survives on pre-packed blood instead of the fresh stuff.   Sure, he can survive on it, but when he is out in the desert and needs to feed, it is a bit shit to miss out on the good stuff….

Where am I going with this post?   I have no idea…and neither will anyone reading this.   I can’t even dredge any humour out of the situation at the moment.

Sorry internet, I am sure I will be ecstatic and mildly humourous when you return to me….hopefully this week.

German Customer Service…

Seems to be a bit of an oxymoron to me. I do not have the internet as arranged. I now have to wait an additional week to get it sorted, as the engineer that was supposed to be at my apartment between 08:00 and 16:00 did not show up.

He did however find the time to message his call center that I wasn’t in. Not that he left a “We called you were out” card. He would have actually had to be there to do that.

Deutsche Telekom. Are. Bastards.

With any luck the engineer next week will actually do his job and show up.

No internet….aaaargh

Gale Sondergard TV ShotSo right now (according to my ISP), I have until Wednesday to wait until my net gets reconnected.

Quite frankly it is killing me at the moment. No blog to bore you senseless with, no pr0n to surf for (just kidding mum)..

No updates to my (perfectly legally acquired) TV show collection. I am just glad that I pre-empted it and downloaded a number of shows in advance. It is fair to say that they are saving my sanity.

I have been left feeling a little helpless with the server too, getting hacked again and having someone setup a torent site and leech boatloads of my bandwidth was not fun. Especially as I couldn’t patch the server to fix it as….I am not on the bloody net at home.

Hackers. Are. Bastards.

It was a little fun, while I was able to watch him use his SQL Injection to create a user, then a database, then an FTP account – and have me behind him a few seconds later deleting them. Still, I would rather be in a position to fix the hole…..roll on Wednesday.

Ahh, geeks and their fun.

I have to say, it is pretty good living over a pub. Not as loud as everyone thinks and today I got to saunter down a flight of stairs to watch my beloved Liverpool put one over Blackburn. Good times.

Spoke with my ex landlord today, he was heading to see the old apartment as the witch that took it over, who told me the place looked fantastic, wrote a huge letter of how shit it was the second that I headed to the UK.

He has called me since, and conveniently, it got painted today….before he arrived…so he was unable to check if the painting that had been done already was ok or not….so I get a lovely chunk removed from my deposit. Un. Be. Lievable.

I am pretty pissed off as I was sending the returned deposit back to the UK for Sarah and the kids. They will still get money, they just will have to wait a while now.

AND she took all my booze that I left in the fridge by mistake


Hopefully will be completely back from Wednesday, where I will restart my mission to get arrested whilst taking inappropriate photos of people……..

Tired and back…sort of

sleepy raverWell, I am back home and should be back online around the 16th of this month, a little while after they originally said, but not too bad I guess. It will give me the opportunity to get my apartment in order I suppose.

I had a hell of a week, but it was very enjoyable…I got to see the kids, me and Sarah had fun, I saw my family and friends. All was good.

I did NOT enjoy the drives though :(

Let me break down my travelling, in a form of therapy it may help me understand why my body feels like Mike Tyson has done a number on me.

Tuesday 1st April/Wednesday 2nd April:

06:30 Wake up, get ready etc
07:20 Head to work
16:30 Leave work, wait 30 mins for Lesley to pick me up and go collect the van
17:00 Collect van, head to old apartment to collect last few bits
18:00 Head to new apartment to unload van and collect last bits to go to UK (Forget mirror…sorry Sarah)
18:30 Head to Angelas
19:00 Begin loading van
21:30 Finish loading van – Eat Pizza
22:30 Realise that I need postcode for delivery of Angelas stuff…Angela makes some calls
23:00 Go to bed
00:00 Woke up by Lesley on the phone who…can’t find my fridge…….it’s in a cupboard lol
02:00 Wake up, coffee and ciggy
02:30 Start the drive to Calais
09:00 Arrive at Calais, get asked if I want to get straight on the train – I do :-)
12:00 Arrive in Pagham, unload Angelas stuff
15:00 Arrive in Bournemouth
01:00 Goto bed

Total time awake: 42.5 hours (less 3ish hours sleep)

Thursday -> Sunday

Enjoy time with kids, spend time with family and friends – A few journeys to various places

Monday 7th April/Tuesday 8th April:

07:00 Wake up, have breakfast with kids
08:30 Take kids to school
09:00 Little bit of shopping with Sarah
13:00 Arrive back at Sarahs house
13:30 Build last couple of bits of furniture, setup entertainment units and connect all devices to internet
16:00 Collect kids from school
17:00 Have dinner with kids and Sarah
17:30 Say bye to kids and Sarah, wend my merry way back to Germany
21:30 Arrive at Eurotunnel
22:50 Get on train
06:30 Arrive in Frankfurt
07:00 Hand in van, pay, head home
08:30 Sleep
16:30 Wake up, potter around
20:30 Watch Liverpool batter Arsenal ;-)
00:30 Bed

Total time without sleep: 25.5 hours

Sheesh, no wonder I just almost fell asleep in a meeting :-?

It was funny on the way to the UK though, I swear that customs were going to search the van – That is of course until they opened the back door and saw just how full it was…..they quickly decided to let me through. In hindsight, it probably wasn’t the best idea to cover a 32″ Widescreen TV with an old blanket and put it on the passenger seat of the van – That took some explaining.

Also, I may or may not have forgotten to pack a case for my week away until I had been in bed 2 hours on Monday night. I may or may not have forgotten to get any British currency, and then panicked when the machine in the UK wouldn’t accept my card as it was broken.

Ah well, normal service should be resumed shortly….my apartment looks like someones garage right now, stuff just piled in there :-(