And so it begins again…

So, I should be getting my internet this week sometime (sound familiar?).   I don’t know if the engineer will bother turning up this time, but I hope so.

I always knew that the internet was vital to my life, but I hadn’t realised just how much until now.   The blog is a small part of it, but becoming more important.   But it is things like my VoIP phone, contacting friends and family, emails, my websites, entertainment.

Pretty much everything I do involves the internet in some way.   This past few weeks has been like losing an arm.   Sad but true.

I am not the most social person some times, I know that.   I lock myself away in my apartment quite often and only surface if invited.   I enjoy watching the football and having a couple of beers.   I enjoy going out and getting wrecked sometimes, but more often than not I would rather be at home.

Since splitting from Sarah, I haven’t been able to retreat to the sanctity of the apartment completely, as my online life isn’t available to me.   I think it is causing me to become more stressed and (god forbid) more insular.   I have no interest in relationships, a lack of interest in socialising and things at work are causing more stress for me than they realistically should.   I am pretty sure that this is directly attributable to the fact that I don’t have my normal outlet for entertainment and relaxation.

I am rapidly running out of shows to watch that I downloaded before I left the old apartment, the money I was expecting to send to Sarah and the kids from the apartment deposit, doesn’t look like it will end up in my pocket.   A number of things at work are really aggravating me to the point of distraction and if I have to use the shitty PCs at the internet cafe much more I will probably go postal.

Still, it’s not all bad.   I have formed a bond with my cats !?!   You see on films the crazy cat lady – I am well on my way to being crazy cat guy.   I talk to them ffs, regularly, I even ask questions and am more than a little surprised when they offer nothing beyond a purr.

Dammit T-Com, don’t you see what you are doing to me here?

On the plus side, the stress (self inflicted or otherwise) has allowed me to lose some weight….which is nice.   I am kind of able to satiate my net needs at work and the internet cafe, but   I kind of feel like the lead character of Moonlight.   A vampire that survives on pre-packed blood instead of the fresh stuff.   Sure, he can survive on it, but when he is out in the desert and needs to feed, it is a bit shit to miss out on the good stuff….

Where am I going with this post?   I have no idea…and neither will anyone reading this.   I can’t even dredge any humour out of the situation at the moment.

Sorry internet, I am sure I will be ecstatic and mildly humourous when you return to me….hopefully this week.

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