It's good to be back

Well, I am finally (and this time completely unexpectedly) back on the net. Last week I had a scheduled appointment for an engineer and he never showed. So this week I was waiting for a text message to confirm an appointment, and it didn’t arrive.

Unfortunately on Sunday I fell ill, but I went to work on Monday anyway, struggled through until the end of the day, despite being advised to go home by one of my bosses, and gave up on Tuesday and stayed home to recover.   I wasn’t much better on Wednesday, so stayed off again.   Around 11am I am woken up by the doorbell and am confronted by 2 engineers, here to switch on my phone/internet.

I can honestly say it made me feel better for about an hour or so, but being ill I couldn’t really enjoy it much unfortunately.   Typical.

It is also typical of German Customer Service that they don’t show up for scheduled appointments, and then turn up when I would have been at work as no appointment had been made.

It may explain the surprised look on their faces when I actually answered the door.

Still, whilst not 100%, I headed in to work yesterday and today and am now feeling better, so I should be able to enjoy my internet this weekend 8-)

As a side note, in less than 24 hours I managed to download 47.5gb of *things* 8-O

I r love teh internet5

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