F\/ck Night at the Hop Pole

Speaking of the Hop Pole massive* (as I was in a recent post). I mentioned that we would all go to the club around midnight, the reason for this was that almost all of our group worked at the Hop Pole Hotel in some capacity.

The Hop Pole used to be run by Marcs mum and dad, so the possibility of “waiting for the taxi**” after they all finished work was always there. Generally, Marc and Darren (being Chefs) would finish before the rest of the group and go and get changed. The taxi would be called and inevitably Marc would bring his guitar down to the bar.

This was referred to as “Fuck Night”, as in “Oh fuck, Marcs got the guitar again”. I have to say though, I miss those nights. Marc is a kick-ass guitarist and we would wait for the taxi by singing Beatles, Oasis and loads of others. As people finished work, more would join in the singing. We would always end with Twist and Shout, a real throat killer just before the taxi arrives.

It was somewhere during these nights that I recieved the title of “Bloke who will drink anything”, something that has served me well… or not. I have never really been a beer drinker (sorry Germany), but I do love me some spirits. Apfelkorn is my personal fave, and I was able to pick some up from the NAAFI on the RAF base my dad was working on, so I would buy a bottle of Pils, drink it and then head out to the boot of my car and refill the bottle with Apfelkorn. It was an interesting concept and probably lead to the idea that I couldn’t hold my beer.Herbert und der Apfelkorn

I remember one particular night, I had been sneaking Apfelkorn in a Pils bottle all night and finished a full bottle of it. During the “lock-in and wait for the taxi” part of the night, I brought out some Feuerwasse, which I can only really liken to Vodka. I had just poured myself a small half-pint measure when someone yelled that the taxi was there… Rather than put the drink down, I decided that the best course of action was to neck the entire half-pint. Needless to say, the remainder of the evening was something of a blurr to me.

I do vividly remember needing to go to the loo after we had been in the club a while, but not able to start the walk over to it.   So I rocked back onto the bar and pushed myself off in the general direction.   Once I got a little momentum going, it wasn’t a problem…except for those people on the dancefloor I went through.

Speaking of the club,   we had many an entertaining night at our club of choice.   My two faves have to be Marc and Anne standing at the bar, talking perfectly normally, with their respective trousers and skirt around their ankles.   The 2nd was when me, Marc and Darren decided to embarrass Maria who made the mistake of standing in the corner.   All 3 of us dropped to our knees and started in on a (particularly good) rendition of “You’ve lost that loving feeling”.   This gave us an audience, who made the mistake of surrounding us in a circle.   The bouncers saw the circle of people and assumed that there was a fight going on and waded in to break it up…only to see a red-faced Maria and us 3 idiots singing to her..good times :-)

* ooh get me…from the street and all that…innit!

** Read: Lock-in :roll:

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