Hmm – There could be a reason for the price…

So…I moved into a flat that is above a busy Irish pub in Frankfurt. The rent is great and to be honest the noise doesn’t bother me. In fact, since I moved in, it has been considerably quieter than I anticipated.

Tonight, however, may test this theory. The bar across the road from the flat left me a flyer in my mail yesterday…

Could be a sleepless night

You will note the “19:30 bis 22:00” statement on the bottom left of the flyer. Check out the “ab 22:00 bis 05:00” on the right. This could get loud.

Now I heard them warming up earlier and they sounded pretty good, even though they are called “Born Wild”. I am expecting a tiger prowling the stage with them….I will probably see a woman in a 80s style leopard print catsuit and a bloke with hair reminiscent of a certain Joey Tempest of Europe fame.

Also, lets be honest here…nothing good can come from a DJ called “Lord Dagor”

I am scared.

I think I need to have a few hours sleep before it starts, just to make sure I have actually had some….. I just saw this outside my window.

Coming soon, Final Countdown karaoke ;-p

This should be fun 8-O….oh, and, no I didn’t zoom the camera at ALL, that is really how close it is

5 thoughts on “Hmm – There could be a reason for the price…

  1. Also, lets be honest hereâ??nothing good can come from a DJ called â??Lord Dagor

    Aahahaha! I know him personally :D

    He’s an 80s fan of course but he is quite knowledgeable in his stuff.

  2. In fact I love the 80s!!! And I used to be a DJ for years by now… :)

    what do you think? Did you enjoy the party at the “Hot”?

    Greetings – LordDagor

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