A very unhealthy dose of paranoia

Intimidation is a funny thing, especially if you are a big guy. Being a big guy who is surrounded by friends can be a recipe for some unfounded confidence, especially when trying to intimidate a (somewhat) bigger guy on the strength of having more friends around you than he has.

This happened to me a few years ago. We were at the Snooty Fox pub in Ollerton enjoying a sunny day on Marcs birthday. Ickle (not an ironic moniker) Bren and I decided to head into the bar as it was getting dark and colder outside. Marc and the others were going to join us shortly thereafter.

We ordered some beers and picked a prime seating location and were chatting like people tend to do in these situations.

It was at this point that a fairly big asian guy stood up near us, he was surrounded by a large group of his friends. Now, it should be noted at this point that Bren and I were sat next to each other, but facing this guy and his group whilst chatting.

Bren tells the story a lot better than me, so I will try and detail what happened from his point of view, as he relayed it to me back then:

Fairly Big Guy: “Did you say something then?”
Me: “What?”
FBG: “I said, did you say something”

According to Bren, it was about this time that he noticed that FBG had around 7 friends with him, did the math and realised that we were somewhat outnumbered. I believe the phrase he used was “I shit meself”

Me: “Of course I said something, we are having a conversation. That generally involves speaking”
FBG: “….” *rapidly drinks beer and looks around, realising he is the only person standing up he looks somewhat uncomfortable*

I couldn’t leave it there though.

Me: “Thats a fairly unhealthy dose of paranoia you have got there mate”

Bren tells me that at this point, he has re-assessed the situation and felt confident that we would prevail any altercation….provided he could stand next to me ;-)

FBG: “…” *Sits down*

5 minutes later they all left.

I am glad that I am not easily intimidated.


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