I don't have enough blood in my alcohol stream

So this weekend has been about beer.   The temperature in Frankfurt rocketed to over 30 degrees Celcius, which essentially turned me into a walking fountain, something akin to the Lynx advert :

So, in an effort to help, I took to consuming vast quantities of alcohol.   Starting on Friday night at a bar called Waxys in Frankfurt.   It was TCs leaving do and I really have no idea how much I drank.   It must have been bad though, I drank Jagermeister.   Oh dear god I drank Jagermeister.   For those of you not familiar with this evil beverage, take some Benolyn cough medicine and add pure alcohol and you have something along the lines of this stuff.

Other shots were consumed, along with far too many half litres of beer (thankyou Germany for generous measures).   We arrived and immediately spotted a likely table in the middle of the place.   Turns out it was a good location as seen by the picture below:

Friendly AND talented...

Suffice to say, we were happy with our location :oops:

We lasted at Waxys until around 02:00 and then headed to The Anglo Irish (forever now known as my living room), where we bumped into a certain PM.   PM was showing the world his “babys arm” with the timeless classic “What do you think of my new shoes” line…….

I headed back to the apartment at around 04:30, fortunately a very short stagger up the stairs.   I dread to think what the beer count was, all I know is that I ended up with my first hangover in years.   I woke up on Saturday morning around 9am, took my usual feel better quick remedy (2 ibuprofen, 2 paracetemol and a pint of water).   This usually sorts me out after 20 minutes.   So it was quite the surprise when, at 09:25 I was feeling worse and crawled back into my pit.   About 12 I woke up again and was able to function a little bit.   So I headed over to see SP.

I am just glad it wasn’t just me feeling rough.   So we cured that by heading back to my living room for a few beers.   SP went with PM to the Fressgasse and I came home to chill out.   Around 10pm last night, SP calls to let me know he is almost back in my living room.   I would like to say that there was a lot of persuasion required and that I really struggled with it, but alas, I was in the bar 5 minutes later.

About 03:30 this morning I rocked back to the apartment.

It’s pretty cool really, in Germany nowhere really starts swinging until after 10pm, in the UK at 10pm you have 45 minutes until last orders…unless you go to a nightclub.   Even then, they kick out at 2am.   At 2am here we are just getting started properly :D

I bottled it the afternoon though – Headed downstairs and ended up drinking coffee :oops:

As I type, I am getting ready to help my son with his homework over webcam, then I will be in the bar again…dagnabit

Anyway, this post was supposed to be a faretheewell to our intrepid reporter TC.   He has left us for greener pastures, although he is still only down the road, so I expect he will still be able to produce some compelling reports on the behaviour of SP from time to time.   I had also hoped that this would be another SP post, all I can really say is that he had a recovery on a plate…….and blew it.   Maybe I will do the full story of that next time.

So TC…all the best, and don’t be a stranger – You have deadlines to meet :D

Oh…genius T-Shirt of the week “Yes I have plenty of change you homeless piece of shit…thanks for asking”

Fingers crossed for a remotely amusing post shortly

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