Cheat much?

Happy New Year!So, I promised myself to deliver a post every day this month….I seem to have achieved it with this very post.   Now, I don’t think that making a post about making posts is necessarily cheating….

It was bloody hard, totally lacking in quality and did I say hard?   I stepped over to a blog the other day that had over 50 posts a month….without guest posters.   Ok, some of them were only a couple of lines long, but still…. OVER 50 a month….

I don’t think I could come up with that amount of posts, unless I live (more than I do already) at my keyboard and post every thought I have (which isn’t many, I *am* a bloke after all).

See thats the thing, as a bloke, there are many many times where I am genuinely not thinking about anything.   That doesn’t mean anything in particular, which suggests I am thinking about unimportant things, it literally means nothing is going through my mind.

It’s an almost zen like state, and completely incomprehensible  to women.

Ladies (in my limited experience) tend to be thinking about something at all times.   This view is therefore transferred to the simpler of the species (ie  men), which is where it goes wrong.   The question “What are you thinking?” when responded to with “Nothing” tends to create the “So what’s wrong?” comeback.   This is presumably due to the fact that nothing must be something, which must be something we don’t want to talk to you about, therefore we are hiding something from you and there really is something big.   When you work it the other way round, it works though.   If I ask a woman “What are you thinking?”, the response “nothing” always means something…..something that they don’t want to get into right now, but will do so… I fall asleep.

I’m with Ed Byrne on this one, women seem to store up information throughout the day, just to use it in the designated speaking area that they see the bed to be.

Anyway, now I have alienated half of my (very limited) readers, I am off to continue my celebration of managing to post at least 1 piece of meaningless page vomit per day for an entire month.   I will probably take a 3 month haiatus to allow me to find something to write about…


1 thought on “Cheat much?

  1. Nonono. The correct way to answer the question “What are you thinking” as a man is with: “Sex”.

    It’s expected, it’s classic and, more often than not, it’s true. ;)

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