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FinaleHappy 4th of July to all of our friends across the pond.   Happy 4th of July to all of our friends across the pond who now live across the pond…with us..umm.

To the non-American amongst you, Happy Friday.

Every time this date comes around and the good wishes start flying, I honestly keep getting the Independence Day movie stuck in my head.   Now I am fairly certain that this is unlikely to be required, but I will be scanning the skys for moon sized vehicles up ahead, and then wait in earnest for the US to figure out the best way to save us all.

I have to say though, it is a little strange for us Brits, certainly for the English as we don’t particularly celebrate any day as such.   The Irish have St. Patricks Day, the Welsh have St. Davids Day and we have St. Georges Day.   Unlike the Irish (and to a lesser extent, the Welsh), the English don’t celebrate St. Georges Day at all.   I am not even sure when it is, I think it is the 23rd of something, possibly May or June :oops:

That isn’t to say we aren’t patriotic, generally quite the opposite is true.   I just realised the irony of that last sentence…being as it is made by a guy that left England at a veritable sprint as soon as the first opportunity arrived.

Christ…I have absolutely no idea why I started this post.   I think the efforts of last month have removed what limited blogging ability I actually had.

I think it has something to do with envy, about how you guys are completely comfortable with celebrating how proud you are as a nation, whilst us humble English folk are slightly embarrassed about ours in general.   We don’t have redneck white trailer park trash, but we do have Chavs.   We do have trailer parks, but ours tend to be full of old people that actually want to live there.

We have taken everything that makes fast food great in America, and then removed all elements that make it good, like the speed for a start.   We gave the world football (note the word FOOT) and now suck badly at it, same with cricket and rugby.

Anyway, I guess I just wanted to say “Happy 4th of July America” and I will leave you red blooded Americans with this, whilst I go an drink some freedom bagwater.   :-D

Oh, and my personal fave piece of music

Fuck Yeah!

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