Claim to fame?

Johnny Grant Star

Now I know that technically a claim to fame is only really valid if you have done something yourself, but I couldn’t think of another way to start this.

I suppose I do have 2 claims to fame in the truest sense of the term.   When my first long term partner and I got married, the run up and the wedding itself was fimed and broadcast by Sky for their Bride of the Day program.   We had to be interviewed and were filmed at home performing mundane activities that we shared together etc, all the normal contrite crapola associated with a couple in love.   We also had to play football together and “have fun” like two kids or something….totally false, but hey…it meant a free professional wedding video….and that’s valuable cashola that could go behind the bar at the wedding reception :-D

The 2nd time I got on the tele, was at Anfield during a Liverpool match.   We were sat directly behind the goal when Michael Owen struck the tamest shot in the history of football towards goal and I…noone else you understand….was caught on camera breathing in HARD in an effort to get the ball to get into the net.   I was particularly noticeable due to the fact that I had forgotten my jacket, it was 5 degrees and pissing it down…so I had to buy a rather expensive….and 2 sizes too small….jumper from the LFC shop.   I seem to recall looking like an inverted version of “larger” ladies that insist on wearing skin tight leggings at any given opportunity….oh god, I just threw up a little in my mouth.

That all said, I have been fortunate to meet some famous people in my time.   When I was a kid, Justin Fashanu had just been signed as the first 1 million pound black footballer to Nottingham Forest and we were staying with my Grandparents for a while.   Now Justin got banned from training by his manager and was wandering the Meadows area of Nottingham looking for something to do, when he heard the unmistakeable sound of people playing indoor football.   He stuck his head in the door and ended up training with my Dad, Uncles and Grandad for a 5 a side tournament.   If you ever read up on Justin, it was an absolute travesty the way he was treated, especially by his own brother.   Whilst I was very young, I still remember him vividly, I was sat at the side of the Gym, wearing his gold chains, watch and rings and watching this amazing footballer having a laugh and coaching my family…it was freakin’ amazing if I am honest.   He came by every day for 2 weeks if I remember correctly and was just this amazingly upbeat person.

Thanks to my Dad organising a football week when we lived at Guetersloh, I got to meet Murdo Macleod on a trip to Borussia Dortmund.   We trained (albeit briefly) at the Borussia facilities and got walked around the whole place.   Murdo was a great guy and  was quite happy talking to a bunch of starstruck kids.   That said, I am disgusted that SP, as a Scottish man who claims to like football…has no idea who Murdo Macleod is…pah I say PAH!

Whilst on a course for work where I ended up staying in a hotel in the center of Manchester, I bumped into and ended up having drinks with Davey Boy Smith…the British Bulldog of WWE(F) fame.   I remember being completely shocked that he was there and even more shocked that he invited me for a drink with him.   I have never asked a famous person for an autograph, most of them I have seen when they are clearly having time to themself and I always feel that the last thing that they would want is people hammering them to sign stuff.   So my approach was a simple “I hope you don’t mind, I just wanted to say that I admire your work and to say hello, sorry to have bothered you”.   With that he invited me for a couple of drinks and we talked about all sorts.   A genuinely nice fella that guy, not in the slightest bit conceited about his fame.

I sold Jonah Lomus cousin (I think, could have been his brother..bloody eggchasers) a PC, this only stands out to me as his knuckle was horribly swollen and black n blue.   I found out later that he had gotten in a fight with a bouncer.   I sold Colin Jackson a fax machine, and in the process discovered that I lived about 2 minutes walk from his place.   I sold John Toshack a PC and barely spoke the whole time as I was completely awestruck.   I was the senior member of staff on duty when Rod Stewart wanted to close the bloody store down so that he could wander around….and refused :-)

I used to live down the road from Duncan Norvelle (he of “Chase me, chase me” fame.   Oh, and my mum had a McDonalds at the next table from that fat black woman who broke the garden table in Big Brother 93 or whatever.

Not bad eh?   Although I have to say that my fave claim to fame isn’t even about me.   A friend of mine (we shall call him J) is responsible for Gary Glitter being arrested.   I was the technical center manager at PC World Cardiff, and my friend was the same in the Bristol Branch.   Mr Glitter brought a PC in for some software issues and (as usual), to test software issues you basically go to the application and load something from the recent documents history…what he saw made him throw up whilst phoning the police…followed shortly after by a phonecall to me.

I am just glad that aswell as being a sick pervert, he was stupid too.

Good times

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  1. I can safely say that I’ve never met a famous person in my life and my 15 secs of fame was when some random B-channel in Thessaloniki asked me some random question vaguely relating to religion and I had the chance to proclaim Atheism publicly in a Country with 99% Orthodox Christians. Nobody saw it though so this is why I still live :P

    PS: I just checked Gary Glitter on wikipedia and he is about to come free in 1 month ;)

  2. Thats a slightly unfortunate use of English in that last sentence…especially considering who you are referring to ;-)

  3. I have no idea what you’re talking about but I will assume it has some sexual innuendo. Pah! :P

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