It's creeping up on me..

A decorated birthday cake.

Ok ok, I admit it, the senility post was probably a little closer to home than I was previously willing to admit.

Depending on which life expectancy study you read, I am technically middle aged. When did that happen?? 35 years young thank you very much. Or as I have more recently taken to saying…21 with 14 years experience.

I am quite pleased though, as of 15:00 today, my total of real “Happy Birthday” messages had gone beyond the automatic ones I recieved from every forum I subscribe to. So there is still a part of me that isn’t completely geeked out.

Thanks everyone by the way :D

I got a voicemail from my daughter Ellen last night and will hopefully talk to her and Ethan tonight, I got a text message from Zak and Brandon this morning and will be talking to them tonight too.   I have had facebook messages, text messages and even actual cards.   It’s almost like it is my birthday or something.

Due to my latest “White Van Man” adventure to the UK taking place tomorrow night, I won’t be getting wrecked tonight, although I am certain of at least 1 or maybe 2….litres of the German Ambrosial brews they serve around here.

That’s right ladies and gentleman, in celebration of my rapid march towards middle age, I decided to take a white van full of furniture back to blighty when I could have been out getting wrecked. I will get somewhere in the region of 6 hours sleep between Friday and Sunday and will drive around 2200km.

I am an idiot.

A generous idiot…but an idiot nonetheless.

What is it though with the “Birthday Boy/Girl” having to be the one to supply goodies in the office?…surely it should be the other way around…it cost wait, it would have cost me loads of cash…had I bothered to do it.   Not that I am a skinflint or anything, but seriously, shouldn’t everyone buy me stuff??

Ah well, at least noone got me a cake with candles on, I don’t think I would have been able to handle it being brought in with an honour guard of firefighters, surrounded by a heat shield and requiring a veritable pack of big bad wolves to blow the damn things out…


6 thoughts on “It's creeping up on me..

  1. You are the only person younger than I who will admit to being or approaching middle age. I thought middle age was 35-40. Yet people won’t call themselves middle-aged until they are 50 or more, which to me, means then they must also be middle aged at 30, right? I mean, the last time I heard the average lifespan was seventy-something.

    Whatever. :)

  2. Hi Margaret…Love your blog btw :-D

    I think people are just desperately living in the past, when noone died until they wanted to..or something. That or if people admit that 35 is middle-aged, that makes 50 old-age and who wants to admit that :-p

  3. oh yeah! I also forgot to say THANK YOU for adding me to your blog roll! Jeez, that’s why I pushed the comment button in the first place!

    See what you have to look forward to in seven years? Memory farts.

  4. You are more than welcome…in the absence of my ability to be funny, I like to point at genuinely funny blogs to allow anyone stumbling here a decent get out :-D

    I have been having memory farts for many years now, it’s when they stop that I am confused.

    Thanks for the birthday wishes.

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