A short while ago, I visited Zurich, and was very surprised to realise that (at the time of writing) the smoking ban hasn’t been adopted. Not only that, they positively embrace it.

See, smokers aren’t 2nd class citizens after all, just ask the people at Zurich Airport.smoking lounge

It’s quite rare that we are welcome anywhere really, but it’s true.   What’s better though is that the rooms are air conditioned, designer furniture strewn comfort zones.   The non-smokers are stuck on plastic school chairs in a corridor with no air-con.   This place is genius.

Smoking Lounge at the Zurich Airport

Sure, we have to ignore the same warnings that we get on all the packs…when the call came to board the flight, I was that comfortable, I didn’t want to leave.

I had strolled across the uncomfortably hot non-smoking area to purchase an ice cold beverage and a piece of literature to peruse.   Sauntered jauntily back to the comfort zone that is the smokers lounge to relax and await my boarding call.   Trouble was, I was that relaxed and comfortable, not only did I smoke half a pack in just over an hour…I almost missed my freakin’ flight.

Totally worth it though.

Then…a week or two back…the German government cave to pressure from small bar owners and go partway to revoking the smoking ban.   Basically, any bar that is less than 75 meters squared and doesn’t serve any food that doesn’t get served in a packet, can smoke again….which includes my living room!!

Thankyou German government, I can now calm myself properly during those stressful Liverpool matches and not have to walk out for a calming smoke..just as a goal is scored.

I love Germany…..and Zurich airport.

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