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hello worldI am sure that this has been done to death a million times, but our team meeting was a rather relaxed affair the other day, and as my team spend all day answering the phone to irate users, the subject span round to when people call that you can’t understand.

Now for clarity, where I work there is a requirement that you must speak English to a good level.   There are so many nationalities represented here, that the company chose a central language….and despite being based in Frankfurt, they chose English.   What this means is that the majority of people that work in my area speak little or no German.   We regularly get people call us that insist on speaking German, even though it isn’t their native language either, so you end up with an Englishmen trying to speak broken German to an Italian speaking slightly more broken German.

To say it leads to misunderstandings is a major understatement.   So with this in mind, dependent on my mood entirely, I simply refuse to speak German or pass the caller onto one of my team that speak German.

This conversation lead onto call centers.   I am fairly sure that this is a global thing, but in England a lot of companies outsource their call centers to India.   I often wonder where India outsource their call centers to….but I digress.

With the economy the way it is and more people emigrating…isn’t it possible that some Brits will invariably end up working in a call center in India sometime soon?

I can see an Indian from somewhere in the UK, calling their local bank, being put through (entirely as expected) to India…only to get Keith from Bromsgrove….and then complain that they always get someone that they can’t understand.

Confused much?   I mean, most people I know complain that when they end up through to these Indian call-centers, they can’t understand the other person.   So surely there is a decent population in the UK that actually like them being there…

Anyway, I am off to open an all English call-center in Azerbaijan, specifically for the Indian marketplace.


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