Where my addiction began….

I was talking today to a guy at work and we were discussing the finer virtues of my Starbucks Venti Cappuccino with 2 extra espresso shots.   He said I should have asked for a Venti espresso and gone for it, which triggered a TV-Show style flashback to when I was working in Cardiff.

I believe I was 18 or 19, I had travelled…lived some might say, but all under the protective coccoon of the Royal Air Force, what I see as youthful exuberance…others saw as naivety.   But through all of my experiences, I had never…well, I am almost ashamed to admit this to you now…I had never had an Espresso.   There,   I said it…I am not proud but please…before consigning me to the scrapheap of your lives, remember that I was young and inexperienced at this thing they call life…..

Holy crapola, zoned out there for a second, where was I?

Ah yes, Espresso…story…tell it.

So, I was doing some work on the side for an Italian that I had sold a computer to at work.   He owned arguably the nicest Italian restaurant in Cardiff at the time and we struck a deal where he would pay me by putting credit at the restaurant.   It was a good deal and my family and friends had some seriously nice meals because of it.   The first time I did some work for him, he invited me over to the restaurant for some lunch.   The chef whipped up an amazing risotto and I got stuck into it.   Pietro asked me if I wanted a coffee, I said yes and he asked if I wanted an Espresso.   I admitted to never having one and yes, I would love to try one.

He brought over this incredibly tiny cup with coffee in it….I had a taste and quite liked it, so I told him that I would try a full cup…and that he didn’t have to bring a taster.

So a full mug of Espresso later I am wired beyond all measurable belief.   I can’t remember the next few days following that drink, but I am pretty certain that my tolerance for caffiene went through the roof that day, and I am now at the stage of needing coffee to get to sleep at night.

I did try and give up coffee a year or two back and it nearly killed me.   I was sick, had the tremors, couldn’t focus, was sweating all the time.   I looked like the classic “Cold Turkey” sufferer that they show in films when people are trying to get off heroin etc.

Not good.   Still, at least I will have given up smoking by the weekend.


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