Isn't it ironic?

IronySo my exercise bike turned up last night…in a million pieces (it seemed).   My initial urge was procrastination, so it is a testament to my own desire for getting fit that I managed to persuade myself a little later to actually build it.

The irony is that by the time I had finished making the feckin thing, I was too knackered to use it.   This does not bode well for my upcoming attempts at fitness.

That said, I will begin tonight and see how I get on…the aim being that I will start seeing a difference after Saturday when I have given up the cigarettes.   Apparently after a mere two weeks, you are already mostly clear and your lungs repaired….cool.

This time next year I will have written my own infommercial and be a star of the talk shows.   Weight watchers and Slim fast will all try to bribe me to be their spokesperson.     Additionally, both MV and AE have decided that I will become a womaniser and SP will be consigned to his cycle of failure.

A man can dream I suppose.

Not sure why I entitled this post the way I did, other than the exercise thing.   Is it ironic that the exercise bike was delivered at the same time that my Pizza delivery arrived?   What about my decision to get healthy, lose weight and give up smoking…just after recieving clothes that will (hopefully) soon no longer fit me and an ornamental lighter as a gift?

I am just scrabbling around for ironic things now…I will probably think of more later.   In the meantime, here is the real definition of told by a goddamn genius.


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