Definitely NOT Monty Python

I can flySo I went to watch the Flying Circus last night..more specifically “The Great Flying Circus of North Korea” and I have to say…..they were superb.

It is one of those shows that you might not think about checking out, but it is amazing to watch what people at the peak of their talents can do.

It had everything, unfunny (but undoubtedly talented) clowns, gay ninjas…or at least that was our take on these guys dressed in blue.   The token big guy that is with all of the acrobatic guys and gals, but doesn’t actually do any flick flacking as he is clearly the muscle.

People flying 20 meters through the air to be caught by other people hanging fairly low from a narrow sliver of metal.

The inevitable scream of the crowd when someone falls into the huge net underneath them..   More somersaults than you can count…oh, and Nachos.

It does beg the question though, how in the hell do you realise that you can be good at something like this.   What is the mindset of people that leads them to discover that they would be pretty good at being shot through the air, 10 meters up and 20 meters along and are quite confident that they will be caught?   I don’t even trust people on that whole fall backwards into someones arms thing (I know that I think it would be funny to step aside, so why won’t other people?).

There were two moments of genius that were not contrived by the talent on stage though.   Firstly, the German audience and their synchronised clapping.   You can’t just applaud here, no no no, that would be too informal and obvious, ve all must clap at once so zey vill know ve appreciate zem…so every round of applause turned into a percussion number by the audience.   Think of the crowd at the olympics whenever a high jumper or someone wants a beat to time their run up to – then speed it up and make it last…well…the entire show.   I have only just regained feeling in my hands if I am honest.

The other moment was about photography.   At the beginning of the show, we asked a steward if we could take pictures and were told that without a flash would be ok.   Then an announcement is made that under no circumstances should flash photography take place.   This was completely adhered to for the first half of the show, no problem.   The second half of the show began with an amazing balancing act on a wire and people decided that it was so impressive that they needed photographs….all of a sudden, there are flashes going off all over the place…just as the guy is focusing on some seriously difficult balances.   How he didn’t get put off is beyond me.   I took photos, which I will add to this later, but I was very English and reserved…and TURNED THE FLASH OFF.

Still, a fantastic show that you should definitely go and see if you get the opportunity.   I may even go again it was that good.

I love Frankfurt.


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