Male stripper…

Make it stop!There was a male stripper in a go-go bar.   Or at least that’s how the song went….

I have only the vaguest notion as to why this song popped into my head yesterday, we were talking about people being able to recreate songs etc.   Marc used to be able to play the intro for Fly Away by Lenny Kravitz so well that you would be forgiven for thinking someone had put the CD in.   During this conversation I remembered this song from Man2Man Meets Man Parrish….bizarrely I also remembered the name of the *ahem* musicians…


I would like to say that I thought it was a pile of dross, but unfortunately this was a big song one fateful summer and everyone seemed to like it (myself included)…I didn’t recall the Blue Oyster Club rejects that consisted of the band however…but I remember liking it so much that a friend of mine (who was a keyboard genius) was able to recreate the thing perfectly.

I also remember being stripped almost naked in the youth club (on more than one occasion) whenever it came on.   It’s all good and funny in the darkness of the dancefloor, but not so funny when the girls involved leg it into the well lit areas…with your clothing….just to see you running along in your shreddies :oops:

You see, what those young whippersnappers amongst you don’t get….the quality of music in any given generation is always deemed to be superb at the time.   You even hold onto the idea throughout your life that it was actually very good….until someone plays it to you again many years later.   Then you are more than a little scared.

Then of course, the music comes full circle and gets popular again.   Don’t get me wrong, there are some classics that will always stand the test of time, regardless of the generation that gave birth to them…but there are also some huge hits that are utter utter…well, a word hasn’t been invented to describe how utterly…whatever it is they are…but they are one..and an utter utter one at that.

To give some examples…Here are some of the “popular” tunes from 1988…

The Stutter Rap – Morris and the Minors
Pseudo comedy novelty “rap”, performed by a talentless comedian of the time and supposedly a Beastie Boys parody.   How in the blue hell it got into the top 10 is beyond me.   Still, at least Mr Blobby didn’t get to number 1…wait…arse

I think we’re alone now – Tiffany
Just wrong..on so many levels.   Always remembered by ladies of this generation with fondness.   Anything by Tiffany does not stand the test of time….it didn’t stand the test of the present to be quite honest.

When will I be famous – Bros
If only it was possible to ensure that the answer to this question was a negative one.   Responsible for making Grolsch Bottle tops a shoe based fashion accessory….need I say more.

Together Forever – Rick Astley
Now…I know that Rick Astley has gained some ground in recent years as a cult icon on the internet…but no….seriously, just no.   This ginger haired former teaboy is one of the reasons that the combined might of Stock, Aitken and Waterman should have been put to death for crimes against peoples eardrums….

Joe le Taxi – Vanessa Paradis
There are no words…an early precursor to the Cheeky girls in my opinion.   Not only did she miss the talent train, she was actually at an airport wondering what was going on.

Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t all bad… I mean there was …. and who could forget …. ummm   Circle in the sand – Belinda Carlisle…. wait, no no..that’s for the first list.

I can honestly say that I must have been on some type of drug during the 80s and early 90s.   Looking back with the rose tinted glasses I seemed to remember the music being pretty good.   Then I look at some chart websites from the time and realise that not only are my new found glasses rose tinted, they have been blacked out from the inside.

Similar things happen to TV shows, but I will leave that to another post.

Do you have any music experiences that you remember as great?   Are you willing to look back and see how crap they now are, or would you rather protect your naive sensibilities and fool yourself that it was all great ;)

If the latter….try and avoid going to an 80s party :-P

2 thoughts on “Male stripper…

  1. If you use a Red Dwarf quote, you should really acknowledge it! And you thought no-one would notice!!

    Plus, I have to say that I’d disagree about Rik Astley’s Together Forever and Tiffany’s I think we’re alone now: Those 2 tracks alone would have the whole of Abu Dhabi on the heave ho. Half a million hookers can’t be wrong, right? ;)

  2. I would hope that the caliber of readers I have would know that it was a Red Dwarf quote :-D

    If these tunes are so popular in Abu Dhabi…I am now officially glad I didn’t pursue going out there…what is the term for murder out there anyway?

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