Gopping 'Orrible

Some Now there is a word you don’t hear very often anymore….unless you are talking to my Mum, who has tried (rather unsuccessfully) to keep it alive within the English language.

Gopping…used to describe something rather unpleasant…somebody could be gopping, something could taste gopping – It is a word for many occasions….none of them good.

When I was younger, it was regularly used but kind of went out of circulation along with many others.   Lush is another one, although the Welsh seem to have successfully comandeered that and kept it going.   Again, people can be lush, things can taste lush and so on…generally considered good.   Not to be confused though….calling someone lush is good – Calling them A lush is bad and suggests alcoholism if I remember correctly.

As far as I recall, we can blame (or thank) Lenny Henry for making Wicked and Crucial a part of our language for some time…thankfully they didn’t make it for too long…although I occasionally hear wicked..I tend to dismiss it as being spoken by morons which therefore proves the case for it to be left behind.

We also seemed to steal a lot from the Americans…I am not quite sure why, but things like Fresh (meaning new and good), Radical (or rad) meaning good….Bad or sick, also meaning good.   The same can be said for Gnarly and Word.   Let’s face it, we probably heard them on a film or TV show and decided they sounded like we would all be instantly cool if we used them…NOT!   (sorry for the Waynes World referencette).

My fave though is not a nice term to use toward someone…but it is Swamp Donkey… I honestly don’t know how old it is..or even where it came from, but it sounds great and for me at least, it allows you to insult someone and put a smile on their face at the same time…and that can’t be a bad thing…can it? :-)

There are other ways to use normal everyday words to mean other things though…for example, you can use a number and a day of the week to describe being drunk.   For example…”We were seventeen kinds of Thursday last night” or “Six ways from Tuesday”.   It just works, try it yourself…you don’t even have to use days of the week, think of “three sheets to the wind” and mess around with it and you get something that is understood by English speakers everywhere as “pissed”, even if they have never heard the statement before.

I know it is a relatively short post, and will be my last for a little while as I am visiting my kids back in the UK…so I will clearly have more important things to do..for a short while at least.

What are your guilty pleasures regarding language use, new and old?

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