Working from home…

2008AUG121652So over the last couple of weeks I have just been completely unable to get anything done at work.   Either I have spent entire days in meetings, or when I am actually at my desk, operational things get the better of me and I don’t manage to get anywhere with my tasks.

I suppose these are the trials and tribulations of my job really, but the other day I managed to get approval to work a couple of hours from home.   Surprisingly enough, in 2 hours I had achieved what had taken me weeks to get less than a quarter of the way through.

I am one of those people that benefits from being able to have a smoke, drink coffee and avoid the phones.   I stick my music on and get into a groove of writing…unfortunately it doesn’t seem to work for writing the blog :-(   Maybe I am just picking the wrong music for that…the Benny Hill theme tune is probably more appropriate.

If I am going to work from home though, I can’t get into my usual routine of getting out of my work clothes and sticking a pair of shorts on.   I have to stay in my work clothes or I actually start to relax and nothing gets done.   Which is not normally a problem, unless I am on a mad deadline…like the other day I suppose.

It is dangerously easy to get distracted though.   Despite getting everything done in 2 hours, it is fair to say that the 2 hours were not entirely contiguous….

Things I definitely did not do (in case my boss is watching):

Watch the latest Prison Break
Go to the shops to buy stuff
Check things out on Ebay
Watch the latest Heroes
Watch Dylan Moran
Surf and find new and interesting diet methods… and then ingest my bodyweight in snack foods

Things I definitely did do:

Work solidly the whole time I was at home until the work was complete.

See…aren’t I good :-)

I think the mistake was becoming half-relaxed.   I knew that if I got out of my work clothes, nothing would get done…so I kept my trousers on, but took everything else off.   Lending itself to this state of half work/half relaxed.

I also couldn’t help thinking of the Simpsons episode where Homer gets to work from home.   Ok, so I wasn’t wearing one of those “big guy” dresses, and my failure to concentrate wouldn’t cause a potential nuclear meltdown and cause me to become a human plug to save everyone…but still…

I suppose on reflection, my innate British fear of being caught doing anything wrong, led my working from home experience to be somewhat dull…

What would you have gotten up to?

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