Wombats, alcohol and beds

warsteiner macroSo that pretty much sums up last weekend, thanks to German unification day, that started on Thursday night with a trip to watch The Wombats live.

Scousers singing…German beer – What more could a man want.   Apparently he would want Calvados aswell as the beer….before the frickin’ gig.   He would also want to be fashionably late…say..oh I dunno 30 minutes to an hour and a bit long show!! (Thanks Z)

He might also like to take his life in his own hands by doing terribly stereotypical German accents on a train filled predominantly with Germans…   At the gig, this theoretical man may decide that purchasing a T-Shirt was more important than purchasing a T-Shirt that has the slightest hope of fitting and would also be somewhat disturbed to think he saw his daughter on more than one occasion during the gig.   There may be some showing off on the train back, in front of a group of 14 year old German kids who were clearly of the cool bunch as they spoke English and had aquired a bottle of white wine…classy.   There was quite possibly a water fight, Z stripping and doing press-ups on the bar in O’Dwyers, a close encounter of the M kind and an arrival home of around 5am.

So that was Thursday.   Friday was spent in rapid recovery mode where lots of vitamins, coffee, tea, water and very little food were consumed.   Until around 10pm when it all began again.

Friday was a bad night for me, when the usual shots started to arrive….they were Jagermeisters…my alternative option was Glennfidich, which meant I had little choice but to drink the Jagers.   J bought 2, M bought 2, P bought 2..I tried to turn it around and bought Apfelkorn…but to no avail, the Jager had already taken hold.   I distinctly remember S asking if I was going to the Club Keller….I remember saying yes and I also remember that it was around 03:30 at the time.   The next time I saw a clock, it was 06:30 and there was an interesting note on my computer…

Cue waking up at 08:00….drinking a pint of water….feeling instantly drunk again and going back to bed.   11:00 and I awake to the realisation that I have arranged to borrow the car from Z for a trip to Ikea to pickup my bed.   I have been waiting quite some time for it, and am now officially a grown up again.   No longer do I sleep on a mattress on the floor..although since Saturday…I get a bout of vertigo whenever I get into bed.   After Ikea, I swore there would be no drinking that night…until I remembered the planned evening.   So I thought to myself, I know…shandy (Radler)…that’s the ticket…I will drink Shandy and all will be fine.   So imagine my surprise at walking into Sch??ne Aussicht…and ordering a jug of beer…with straws…. apparently my willpower and decision making skills got together and decided that I was wrong in my earlier preference and that they would get me shitfaced to punish me.

I do remember a fantastic birthday cake that A made for N…that N was looking for a birthday shag, but she settled for a Turkish Pizza…and no, that isn’t slang for anything sexual….I don’t think anyway.   I was chastised for saying congratulations to someone else before their birthday actually started…damnable foreign cultures.   I spent a long time talking to a guy from Wakefield….which was pretty surreal now I come to think of it.   I kind of remember staggering back home around 04:00, getting a Kebab…taking 2 mouthfuls and throwing it away.   I will never, however, forget how I felt on Sunday….a day where I did not leave the apartment…and survived by drinking coffee, smoking and chewing Ibuprofen/Paracetemol like smarties.

Then, on Monday, with an evening of relaxation planned…JW turns up from Iraq on a flying visit.   Suffice to say I got home around 2 and am regretting it as I write this…I just want my spangly new bed.

Also..is it somewhat dodgy that I got the bed and camera that I have been waiting for…..at the same time?

How was your weekend?

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  1. Why do I get the impression that 5 years from now, you will remember this time of your life as a blurry haze? :P

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