Dedication…that's what you need…

IM001322…so said Roy Castle of Record Breakers fame.   Personally, I don’t think I am going to be setting any world records anytime soon…although I have set a few personal bests for beer consumption.

Who in the blue hell comes up with these bizarre records though.   I mean there is a recent record of putting the most t-shirts on in 4 hours…155 if anyone is interested (I wasn’t, but it was on the page).   Most women could beat that in one sitting simply by being undecided as to what outfit looks best (well, it doesn’t seem to stipulate they all must be on at the same time).

I mean, when a world record is of something worthy or something that demands training, endurance and skill then fair enough.   But most hot dogs consumed in 5 minutes?   Seriously?

Balancing eggs on their end?   Their mother must be so proud.   Some of them are pretty specific…there is a record for the most Ferrero Rocher chocolates eaten in 1 minute…were peanut M&Ms too tough?   Also, shouldn’t there be some rule about exclusionary tactics for all the peanut allergy sufferers…although, that *would* be a world record and a many peanuts can a nut allergy sufferer eat before they need to use the Epi pen to revive them?   Extreme peanut eating, it’s the future.

Let’s face it, in a world where Extreme Ironing exists, having an anaphalactic’athon has gotta be around the corner somewhere.

They say hospital doctors don’t get a lot of sleep most of the time…what about a fund raising surgery’athon?   The possibilities are endless.

For my part, for the last couple of weekends I have attempted a Jug of Beer’athon which has led me to resolve to “try” not to drink…at least this week….or at least only one night this week…or no more than 10 pints… or something.   At least I am trying :-P

No stalkers this week although, thanks in no small part to a certain GW delivering particularly noxious fart, I did end up ruining my streak of not being sick during a drinking session.   That streak had lasted around 5 years, so I was somewhat embarrassed to say the least.   Special thanks to Z for thinking quickly enough to capture the moment for posterity…damnit.

Anyway, back on track – What world record would you attempt, or have you already attempted one?

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