Slow news day?

Turkey Fryer Injury UpdateNow, I am not about to jump on the Obama got elected bandwagon…not least of all as I am English, not American.

That said…. WTF! is this all about? Woof Journalism*

British Broadcasting Corporation, for shame.   I get that American politics has an important impact on the world, I get that…honestly I do.   I get that this makes it important enough for all of the worlds news to report on it, even the good old BBC.   But the first fucking dog!?!?!   Seriously, the first dog?

This cannot be a story that needs telling.   I mean, what’s next…the first hamster, first ant colony, first headlouse?   Will we be dedicating journalistic resource to investigating the first bathroom paint colour choice?   Don’t get me wrong, I am sure that there are as many people in America that feel the need for every little detail…there certainly would be in the UK for a new Prime Minister…but world news?

I don’t think so.   Fair enough if we were talking about his first major decision, policy or action….I could see that making world news.   I have to say though, the conspiracy theorists were out in force to say that he couldn’t possibly win and the vast majority of Americans decided that change was required.   I don’t pretend to know about his real policies or even if he will be a good president, but he definitely seems to be a different kind of leader to any previous one, and America took a chance.

At least he isn’t a Fundamentalist Christian, although it is only a matter of time until we discover he is a Scientologist or something….

Ah well

* Sorryseriously, I am quite ashamed of that one

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