The First Kiss

LipsThe first kiss is quite important, we all know this.   It can determine if the chemistry is right, it can determine an element of compatibility of the physical kind.

If you are a hopeless romantic, you will want that first kiss to be memorable, and preferably perfect.   It may or may not involve fireworks (literal or imagined), flowers, a wonderful setting and a feeling that it is the right thing to do.

You will probably want it to begin softly, if the chemistry is right for both of you, your heart rates will increase…you may feel a little breathless and the passion and intensity may increase, leading to a stronger kiss.   Tongues will almost certainly be used, but they will be in the tender exploration of the other person and reactionary to each and every movement between you.   You will hold each other tighter and the shared body heat will move to another level.   Eventually, you will stop by returning to the gentle kiss, slower and slower until you break contact, at which point you will be looking directly at each other intensely.   Moments later, the world will begin to move again and you will become aware of sound, the sound of people passing you by and complaining about the world and wending their merry way through life.   In that moment, you will know…you will know that the cat food section of the local supermarket was not the wisest location choice :-P

You do not, however, try to eat the back of the other persons head through their mouth.   If you notice that this person has issues with their nasal cavity…trying to clear the blockage with your tongue is seldom considered sexy….and let’s face it, could lead to a discussion that nobody really wants to have.

See exhibit A:

Now, I have to concede that this is not their first kiss, although my understanding from MK and KH is that they had only known each other a few days according to the show.   Maybe this is enjoyable for the both of them, although it looks like she is under attack and just trying to survive.   Thinking about it, he is clearly forcing her to be compliant with some sort of Vulcan Nerve Grip thing on the back of her neck.   Alternatively, maybe what we can’t tell is that they are really underwater and lost their breathing apparatus…survival instincts kick in and that is the result.

All I know with any certainty, if someone ever films me kissing someone and it looks like that….kill me, you have my permission….you would be doing me (the victim woman) and quite possibly the world, a HUGE favour.   Noone needs to see that.

I am now going to arrange for a frontal lobotomy, to try and rid my mind of the video above.


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