Oh dear..that old chestnut again

Tea for OneSo I have said before that I watch a considerable number of TV Shows at the moment.   One of my current faves has to be Bones.   I like it as it is easy to watch, quite interesting and the dynamic between the characters is incredibly good and more often than not, very funny.

I watched the first two episodes of the 4th series yesterday….based in Oxford, England.   Unbelievable, thinks I, not only is my fave show back on the air, but it is set in my home country…this should be good.

And it was, sort of.   The dynamic is unchanged, the comedy is there…the interesting forensic stuff is ok, but why did they feel the need to go where they did?   Not every English person in Oxford is two steps away from royalty.   They don’t all have loads of cash and an accent that Prince Harry would consider hoity toity.   I half expected Dick van Dyke to jump off a roof shouting for Mary Poppins.

All of this would have been possible to ignore, if it wasn’t for the one person that they tried to show as a “fairly” average Englishman.   Firstly, he was a member of Henley Boat Club (meaning that a posh bloke would have had meaning).   Secondly, he was clearly a very posh actor, trying to put on a not-so-posh accent.   It was ridiculous.   I know, I know, the Americans love what they think of as a typically English accent, but still.

I can only think that the writers have seen episodes of The Riches and decided that they needed to redress the balance created by Eddie Izzards crap American accent.   Eddie Izzard is a comedic genius, but he can’t do accents to save his bloody life.   In spite of this, The Riches is actually a bloody good program and has given me the perfect way to get out of meetings where difficult questions are being asked (The Sleeper).

Seriously though, what is it about the English accent that “does it” for you American ladies?   I mean, I have an English accent, and I am also blessed with the ability to mimic most of the accents available in England today (and a couple of others)…so I could adapt depending on your desired accent.   Is it just that it isn’t American?   I know that tends to be the case for English women.   Also, for the record…we do all live in castles and have butlers… Although, my butler is at the shop having a refit, and I have loaned my castle to the people at Disney so that they can see what a real one is.

Mind you, the accent thing seems to work for most people.   For example, IP (German) loves the Liverpool accent, LS (English) gets positively moist from the Northern Irish accent.   I myself am partial to certain American accents and in some cases the German accent.

What accent gets you all hot under the collar?

Oh, and could you possibly show me the whay to the gaaarden partay?   Thank you my good marn!

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