Like a kid again…

Peek-a-BooJust a short, sentimental post today, as I am out for a birthday party later and will not be in any fit state to write anything tomorrow…unless something happens of course.   SP was out last night, rumour has it he may be out tonight too…rest assured I will be taking my notebook, just in case.

So my Dad visited for the last couple of days…and except for not going outside and playing catch, I was like a kid for the whole time.   Admittedly, I would be a kid drinking copious amounts of beer with his Dad…and he was never that kind of Dad. We even went to the cinema…to watch James Bond.   What am I?   12?

We had a some great chats and I managed to get a little bit of blog-fodder too.   Dad has some great stories and I can honestly say that I am very lucky to be able to chat with him like I can.   We take the piss out of each other…admittedly he is better at it than I am, seeing as he taught me my sarcastic ways (even though he refuses to claim it).   We can drink together, tell dodgy jokes and we share a love of sport (mainly football).

We talked for hours, never ran out of conversation.   I was able to admit to certain regrets I have about my behaviour as a teen..which, Dad being Dad, completely dismissed.   I think he quite likes the confident Son he saw before him, the group of friends I have and the life I am living.   He gave me some great advice about the future, words of encouragement and a frickin hangover.   I rarely get to just go out for a bevvy with my Dad, so this couple of days were superb.   Thanks Dad :-)

While I remember, a few things from last night:-

I managed to cockblock LM on a highly skilled walk-by cockblocking.   It’s amazing what a giant Uncle Fester clone, giving you a hug and stroking your face can do..I may also have called him bigboy….sorry LM

I beat Z in an arm wrestle (admittedly, he had just arm wrestled a monster like 5 minutes before…but still, I am totally claiming it)

I also beat PM immediately afterwards with my considerably more girly left arm.

My lasting memory though was from the lovely PS.   She gave a genius raise to what little kudos I have these days.   As she walks past, I say hello…she turns, looks at me dead in the eye, calls me a bastard and slaps me.   I am laughing now, but it was a proper slap.   She turns away, walks two paces…turns around and tells me that the sex was amazing though.   Some of the looks I got were well worth the pain…thanks PS :-)

More ramblings when I sober up enough to type…

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