What if…

live a different lifeLet’s face it, we all dream from time to time…and even at 35 I still find myself wandering off into my imagination for how things could have been, would be if certain things happen and generally imagining a different life for myself.   In the main, we dream of making our lives easier I think, but not always in big ways…there are the obvious big ones and then some others that are maybe not so big.

What if you had a million euros?
This one is probably the easiest..first of all, I would be writing this from Rio or the Bahamas and wouldn’t be worrying about my career.   I would put money in trust funds for the kids and help my family pay off any debt they had

What if you were famous?
This one is more difficult, I mean what would you prefer to be famous for?   I think I would have liked to continue playing football and wonder if I could have ever made it.   Alternatively I would have loved to be a famous writer…but as you all know by now…that could never happen ;-)

What if you had a superpower?
This one has plagued boys and men alike for many years, and will probably continue to do so.   Would you want to fly?   Maybe, but it has limited uses unless you are going on holiday alone or don’t have money for the cab fair home.   Invisibility?   Most guys have had the fantasy of being able to go into places that you shouldn’t be…either for looking at lovely ladies or getting into bank safes etc.   Super strength?   Could be more useful I suppose, you could win plenty of competitions, be an actual hero…plenty of opportunity to make money.

What if you could speak every language in the world fluently?
This is one I have had from time to time…probably not one that a lot of people have, but I would love the ability to talk to anyone in their native language.   I speak a tiny amount of German and barely passable English…so it would be nice to never have to be confused or misunderstood which, let’s face it, is a perpetual state of being for me.

Then there are the little things, decisions that may have led to a different life.   Normal everyday decisions….none of them you regret, but occasionally you wonder about which way things could have gone.   Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t change a thing…my decisions have led me to where I am.   Great kids, good relationship with my family, amazing friends, living in Germany and generally enjoying who I am.

It could be anything…what if I took this job, what if I placed that bet….what if I didn’t have another beer.   What if I had stayed with her, studied harder at school, not eaten that burger, driven slower, ran faster, concentrated more.

What if, what if, what if.

You can’t spend your life wondering, but sometimes you can’t help yourself.   My biggest wonder…what if I had the confidence to act on things when they might happen, instead of bottling out and spending the next months wondering.   It isn’t quite New Year yet, but I am going to resolve to try and act on my impulses, feelings and wonders.

Who knows, it might work…it will certainly be embarrassing from time to time, but fear of living is no reason not to try.

Woah…didn’t see that post coming when I thought of the original idea.

Ah well….

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