My first thanksgiving

Feuerzangenbowle......GeniusSorry for not posting so regularly, my bloody social life is getting in the way.

So after 35 years on this planet, most of them spent watching American films and TV shows…I finally got to my very first Thanksgiving dinner.   Ok, so it was in Germany..with 4 Germans, an Aussie and a Brit…but there were two bonafide Americans there that was good :-)   In fact..there is probably an episode of How I Met Your Mother in there somewhere, if you put your mind to it.

It was a lot like a British Christmas dinner, but with specially made gravy (based on JDs mums recipe) and American style stuffing.   There was even pumpkin pie…something I have avoided like the plague my whole life, seeing as I have hated pumpkin in every other form I have tried it in.   Pumpkin pie is to pumpkin as carrot cake is to carrot.   In short, bloody lovely.

Great conversation was had and serious quantities of wine were drunk…after the symetrical table was photographed (thanks to K).   The whole thing was topped off with a German stylee…thanks to the biergarten table and homemade Feuerzangenbowle.

Ahh feuerzangenbowle…how I love thee so.   Copious amounts of red wine, various spices and fruit with rum soaked sugar melting into it via serious flames.   Un-be-lievable.   A drink that is traditionally drunk outside in the freezing cold winter to warm you up…drank inside..after a seriously good and, dare I say, big turkey dinner (I had 3 helpings) coupled with lots of wine…and the effects were, instantaneous to say the least.   I honestly don’t get why people call it “Pot of Evil”, or maybe it just made me forget…

JD says she enjoyed the first thanksgiving that she had prepared on her own, but she was struck down partway through with a really nasty headache type thing…being the caring and warmhearted dinner guests we were, we made our excuses and left…approximately 3 hours after we found out.     Sorry JD :oops:

I am definitely looking forward to my next thanksgiving :-) although my more immediate concern is getting to the Christmas market here so that I can get my hands on some more of that wonderful feuerzangenbowle..hopefully drinking it in the cold will stop me falling up my stairs (oh, and almost off the tram onto my face) this time.   I make no promises however, especially with the quantity I intend to drink.   It is MKs birthday on Thursday, so we are all meeting at the Christmas market….not that I need an occasion.   To quote Ed Byrne…”You are drinking again Dave, what’s the occasion?” – “I’m sober”

Then I get to go back to the UK for Christmas in a few weeks and spend it with my family.

Good times…genuinely good times :-)

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