Christmas Market Frivolity

Gluhwein!Feuerzangenbowle, Gluhwein with Rum shots, Hot French (whatever in the blue hell that is), Baby Guinness, Beer, a birthday meet-up, a trip to the Anglo…last night had everything.   Well, except sleep…there was no sleep.

Ok, there was some sleep…but not enough to really qualify as anything more than a nap.   Did I mention I was drunk too?   Because I was…very very drunk.   Never mix the grain and the grape..I think I have said this before…every year I say to myself over and over “Dave, you are drinking Gl??hwein..this is a red wine…this means no beer tonight” and then end up ordering a Pils as soon as I walk into the bar.

Gl??hwein is a wine…wine and beer should never be mixed.   Dave=Mess.

Oh, there may also have been Vodka Jelly.   Don’t judge me.

On a THURSDAY night people….seriously, what the hell was I thinking.   I’ll tell you what I was thinking, I was thinking “Hey, it’s 17:30…I have to meet MK and the rest at 19:30, why don’t I just go straight to the Christmas Market with a couple of the guys from work.   That way I don’t have to mess around, that’s a great idea…borderline genius in fact”

I am easily convinced..especially if I am the one making the argument.   Cue much feuerzangenbowle fun later and I stagger off to meet MK and KH, where we then immediately go back to the feuerzangenbowle stall.   Oh, I may have offered to sleep with MKs Dad…I had good reason though, he had funded the beer for the whole night….so if he takes me up on it….totally worth it :-o

It’s a funny thing, I didn’t realise how bad I would feel.   And it is deceptive too, when I woke up I felt like I had been out on a hard night…but by the time I had showered, shaved and got to the Tram stop to head to work..I was feeling pretty good.   Unfortunately, I am now sat here feeling like crap and writing this in between phonecalls and emails in a vain attempt to stimulate my mind out of near catatonia.

The camera of doom made a brief cameo appearance last night, much to the dismay of PM (SSA) but I seem to recall being captured on video doing my best evil laugh…twice…which was then shared around…and may end up being used as a ringtone…and will definitely end up on Facebook.   Damn you alcohol, damn you to hell.   MKs glasses became community glasses when she took them off to bury her face in Vodka Jelly…people were feeding each other in various ways akin to something you would see in a hotel room…late at night…for 12.99.   All we were really missing was the ring full of vodka jelly and a series of scantily clad, white t-shirt wearing ladies…maybe next time.

Major plus point though of last night was calling my Son on his Birthday…before I got completely ratarsed and discovering that he was wearing the Liverpool shirt that I sent him :-)   It was great speaking to him, and I got to speak to my Daughter too…I miss my kids so much, so even a brief phonecall is always welcome.

Yipes..went all soft there for a second… ah well ;-)

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