Enough with the spam!

spam with cheeseOk, I can take a joke.   I don’t mind recieving 1001 different spellings of the words Viagra or Cialis.   I am happy with them poking fun at my lack of hair, ever increasing belly or decreasing penis size.

I don’t mind King Abdul Jameers son contacting me about how he has gone underground, hiding from rebels trying to kill him, and the only way for me to save his life is to accept 10% of a gazillion euros.   I am always happy to hear that I have won yet another lottery that I didn’t enter, and that various banks that I don’t have accounts with are concerned and want me to verify my details with them.

All of these people are just showing an interest.   But today, enough is enough.   Honestly, they crossed the line here.   Frankly I am astounded as to how they thought anyone would be interested.

I ask you!!!!

Well Alan or Ian (don’t you know?) of Prestige, let me tell you.   I am reporting this to the highest authority.   You know what they say…or at least the well coiffed Lionel Richie says….When the going get stuffed.   Or was that gets tough?   I forget.

Is nothing sacred anymore?   I would have preferred to have received Anthrax in the post…and inhaled…than receive this.   I mean, this is the guy that sang “Hello, is it me you’re looking for” and then goes and puts a   blind girl in the video.   Hello…one insensitive bastard right there.

What next?   A singing Take That O’gram at my door…Neil Diamond does The Red Hot Chilli Peppers? (Although that just conjures up the idea of the weirdest porn site ever…admit it, you thought that too).

I am going to fight back, as I type this, I am also typing (yes ladies..I multi-task) a reply.   I am considering inviting them to the new Joe Joe Concert…Joe Dolce and Joe Pasquale singing the hits of Milli Vanilli.

Thinking about it, that might just have legs… has anyone got the number of the Burger King that Milli Vanilli are working at these days?

Gotta go, I got me a concert to promote.

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