Happy New Year

Here we come 2009!  018/365Yeah, so I know it is a couple of days late, but in my defence I have been ill.   New Years Eve was great..the Anglo was absolutely heaving with people.   Oustide the Anglo was like a war zone at midnight.   The Germans are essentially allowed fireworks one night of the year…and oh how they make sure they use them.

You know how, at the stroke of midnight, everyone tends to head outside of the bar to make phonecalls?   Tried that, couldn’t hear a damn thing inside or out.   In fact, I think that outside was louder than inside…couple that with being somewhat drunk and I am sure that a lot of people I called had the most bizarre voicemails imaginable.   Also, drunk texting is for winners :)   I am just saying… Sometimes you text people things you probably shouldn’t.   Don’t get me wrong, nothing bad…nothing even particularly embarassing…but when you read your sent messages the next day, they leave you with a sense of … Ahh.

I know I had a phonecall from the US.   Tried to make one to the US and left voicemails all over the UK.   Then I switched to SMS…I am seriously not looking forward to my phonebill at the end of the month.   I did get a voicemail from my Daughter..which put a serious smile on my face on New Years Day.   I naively thought that the English New Year would make for a quieter time to make calls to Blighty..but the Gaza strip was still under attack in Sachsenhausen.

It was all going so well, until around 2am’ish when I started to get sick.   Bearing in mind that I drink more on a Tuesday night..I was confused to say the least.   I end up being sick all night…and all the following day and, as I write this, still feeling quite sick today.   Although I am about to avail myself of the wonderful Frankfurt online takeout services…Enchiladas…kill or cure baby, kill or cure.   It’s Friday, and I intend to be well enough to have my first Friday night in 2009 be a good one.   I have to say though, getting ill didn’t ruin the night as I got to see the New Year in with a great group of people…and let’s face it, I would probably have ended up out until 10am at least..which is bad right?   So Friday night is New Year 2: The Revenge.

I have to say though, this year has been a little weird…anyone that has read from the beginning of this blog will know that I got out of a long term relationship at the beginning of the year.   Since then I have made a fantastic group of friends, drunk far too much beer, had some interesting “encounters”..including acquiring myself a stalker after a ONS.   I reconnected with my Mum, Dad and Brothers…some old friends and most importantly my children.

So 2008, will go down in history as….well….a year that happened.   Not sure what 2009 will bring, but I know it will be interesting, fun..oh, and alcohol fuelled.   I don’t believe in making resolutions, but I do intend to see through the losing weight and giving up smoking (again) things this year.   Other than that, I will take the year as it comes and not place any pressure on what I expect.

As I found this year, no expectations can give you a pretty good year in the end.

Happy New Year Everyone, I hope 2009 brings you everything you want…and some nice things you didn’t expect :mrgreen:

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