Christmas pressies

So come on then, what did you all get?

I got some clothes, trainers, smellies, and a couple of books.   The 2nd of which is frickin’ genius.   It is called “Pets with tourettes”.   What is not to love about that title?   This is puerile genius at it’s very best…basically a series of cutesy animal pictures, with a speech bubble overlaid, saying some outlandish shit that would make the guys at Viz Comic blush.

Let me give you an example, using my own cats as a basis (in obvious fear of copyright issues).   Take this photo of Berry for instance, ok so the half closed eyes make her look slightly evil, but let’s face it…cats are inherently evil anyway

Now, if I were one of the “Authors” of Pets with Tourettes…this picture may end up looking something like this :-

Tell me you don’t find that a little bit funny.   I have decided that I am going to author my own version, but first I need to get in touch with that lovely Ann Geddes woman to make my dreams come true.   She would be up for something like this right?

And yes…this is Zak when he was born…you are welcome son

3 thoughts on “Christmas pressies

  1. Yeah, but lolcats is all “I am in ur shoes, storin ma food” and all that…this is pets…with tourettes…

    Much better :D

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