Oh dear god

Hear No Evil - 080808So..it is just past lunch on my first day at work in the new year, and I am already glad that I don’t have much hair.   It would most definitely be torn out already.

Seriously, how hard is it to remember a single frickin’ password for just over a week?   Also, if you do forget it…try not to shout at my team when they tell you that you have to visit our office for a reset.   This is not new, you have done it at least 5 times in the last few months (ticket history is great).

I won’t apologise for my level of sarcasm when I respond to your claims of “Never had to come to the office before”…when 3 of the last 5 tickets were created and solved by myself….and I don’t do over the phone.

If you phone up to chew me out because your account extension didn’t go through don’t expect sympathy when, after I manage to get an emergency 24 hour extension, you call back to give me the number of a request that was created an hour AFTER your phonecall.   No, no need to apologise…I am here to take your abuse…no problemo (account/change pass/confirm).   See you soon ;-)

We have taken over 250 calls since 08:30 this morning, and honestly, over 90% of these were from people that couldn’t remember their passwords from a week ago…..The others were from people who seem to have forgotten that the email reminders of their pending password expiry need to be acted on…or how to change their password…or their frickin’ username (here’s a hint…it starts with your LAST FUCKING NAME)

Umm…better stop before I really go on a rant…

How’s your day been so far?

2 thoughts on “Oh dear god

  1. Me: (After many failed attempts) ‘Alright, it seems that your password is not correct’
    User: ‘And what caused this’
    Me: ‘Ummm, you forgot your password?’
    User: ‘That’s impossible’
    Me: ‘Well, either you forgot it or the system is lying’
    User: ‘Wait, is it the internet password to login to the system?’
    Me: Facepalm

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