Happiness is….

A perfect weekend watching Tom & Jerry on tv and laughing...…hard to define.   If it is good friends, fun and more than a smattering of weekend alcoholic goodness…I am there.

Reconnecting with your children and, being able to enjoy them so much that, you don’t even touch a computer when they are awake…I am there

Getting on with your family in ways that you haven’t for the last 12 years or so….I am there.

Enjoying time on your own to just be…I am there.

Discovering that you have feelings for someone (even if they are unrequited)…I couldn’t possibly commit :-P

Happiness…I am there….probably

A bit of a bizarre way to start any post off, particularly with someone that claims to have dangly bits of a testicular nature but, screw it, there it is.   There are probably any number of other reasons as to why I am happy and any number of those could come crashing down at any moment.   Sure, I get maudlin from time to time, wondering what I could/should have done differently…I think everyone does but, the difference between old me and new me (by new I don’t just mean 2009…in your face resolutions…in your doomed to fail face!), I don’t let it get me down or even bother me for longer than the time it takes to dwell on it in the first place.

The thing is,   I love to just spend time doing things these days…it could be wandering aimlessly around Frankfurt…going for a beer at the pub, visiting friends, going to watch a concert, even playing sport occasionally.   My computer is now a chat/tv show machine and I like it that way.   I used to be reclusive, I used to prefer to play a computer game than get out there and do things…not anymore.   Case in point, I bought a game that a lot of my old gamer friends play.   I bought this game about 3-4 months ago and it cost me â??60.   I installed the game that very night and configured it all special for me.   I have actually played the game…well, let me see…no times at all.   For those of you keeping count that is zero, nada, zip, zilch etc..

I have just finished reading “The Yes Man” by Danny Wallace and, whilst I haven’t gone anywhere near the extremes he did, there are a lot of similarities to my last 12 months and the book.   Essentially I say yes more.   It didn’t take a bearded man on a bus to get me to do it either, just a desire to get out there.   It has lead to some great fun this last year, it has also lead to being drunk at work and hungover at work (2 different times), a number of one night stands that culminated in a stalker and lord knows what else that I didn’t already cover in my Happy New Year post.

It has been said that I spend too much time in the pub….not at all, although maybe too much money…but where else can you witness comedy gold without paying an entry fee…and get picture evidence to upload to Facebook for the world to see (when they sober up).   Incidentally…how can I be held accountable for people “Looking like an arsehole on Facebook” when they were the ones pulling the stupid poses??   Answer me that PM, answer me that!

Shite…I was doing so well too…it has been ages since I didn’t know where I was going with a post…although with this one I didn’t know where I was going from the bloody title.   At least my ability to talk bollocks hasn’t deserted me :-)

Are you happy?   If so, why?   If not….shut the fuck up and don’t ruin my buzz dude ;-)

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