Lts srt ths 1ce n 4 all!!

txt msgWhat am I talking about? Fucking text speak of course. Wait, that should be “fckn txt spk f crs”…maybe…I honestly can’t be sure.

Why is it that the need to write short messages has essentially caused us to become illiterate cretins.   Oh, and by us I mean people other than me…and probably you…but you over there, stop it..yeah you, you know who you are.

I mean seriously, it is ok when sending an SMS (barely) if…and only if, typing the thing in full would either a) make the message more than one SMS long or b) cause the person sending it to die…or something.   It, however, is never OK if you are not restricted to the length of message you send, or if the message you are going to send would (in full) not be over the limit that you have.   It should be punishable by death to use it in a forum post, blog or email.   Email….I have recieved emails made up of this shit.   It beggars belief, it really does.

It’s almost like there is an international letters crisis, and everyone has to watch out how many they use in case we run out.   The various Prime Ministers, Chancellors and Presidents will soon start finding ways to inject dictionaries and extra letters into circulation in an effort to stimulate literacy.   I am all for abbreviations when the person who is reading it isn’t required to reply to you to get a fucking idea what you meant.   I have been guilty of using FFS, BTW and LOL on many occasions, but at least people know what the hell I am talking about…generally…sorry Mum!

If you can’t spell very well, fair enough, turn on predictive text messaging…even the most basic phone has this capability and let’s face it, if you don’t know what the word begins with, you have no hope of shrinking it down to the illegible bollocks I keep seeing over and over again anyway.

Maybe it’s an age thing and I am just not home with the downies enough to get it.   I doubt it though.   I went through some of my drunk New Years Eve texts..and to be honest, bar the odd spelling mistake, I still managed to be more understandable than some of this crap.   Also, my daughter manages to text without causing me to suffer an artery popping 5 minutes trying to decipher what is being said…half the time it is like trying to crack the Enigma code all over again.   I am half expecting Websters or Collins to coin in and release a text speak dictionary in the near future…I’m not sure how it would sell though…who the hell would know what Wbstrs Dctnry means?

Ne wy am guna wch sm tv nw – l8rs

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