Date testimonials?

Discounted BoyHad the weirdest Facebook notification ever today, some application told me that I should add a Date Testimonial. Is that even possible to do?

Don’t get me wrong, I have had some nice comments made about me in the past, but asking for a testimonial..isn’t that taking it a bit far?   Especially as a testimonial is normally written by someone that enjoyed the service you provided and are essentially displayed to help you get more people interested in taking said service…

Choosing a picnic location of the alley behind the Dog and Duck was unusual and surprisingly nice.   The Laughing Wolf has surprisingly dextrous hands and I couldn’t recommend him more.   Since using his services, I have recently been promoted to Burger Flipper, lost 20 pounds and have a healthy sheen to my hair.

Thanks – Tracey – Essex, UK

I suppose it could work….and could only help if I ever decide to become a gigolo.

The Laughing Wolf is amazing, the attention to detail and professional courteous service is second to none.   Highly recommended – Peter – Amsterdam, Netherlands

See!   Now I really think it could…..wait a minute…arse.

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