Hotter than hell

SOOCOk, this needs to be said…I am currently sat in my office overlooking Frankfurt. The temperature outside has dropped again, this time to around 2 degrees..

A few weeks ago it was at -14 for crying out loud…so why is it that, following the minor drop from 4 to 2 degrees, the premises people feel the need to increase room temperature by 15 degrees…..It is like a frickin furnace in here.

Seriously, I walked into the office today and was looking for the bucket of water and stack of coals in the corner. When it was -14 they didn’t crank up the heat more than a couple degrees….now it is practically tropical and they have gone mental with the thermostat.

It gives me visions of two cartoon characters, fighting over how much to turn the dial…until it either breaks off on FULL or just keeps spinning to the right…and all attempts to stop the dial end up with the cartoon’esque premises guy spinning around with it and flying off as hilarity ensues.

No seriously, it is too fucking hot…make it stop


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