Emotional Geek?

Geek!Apparently…at least according to CW.

Ok, so I have a big computer system with dual screens and over 3 TB of data, a laptop next to my bed.   I write a blog (ok so write is a big statement, but you know what I mean).   I work in IT, have all sorts of other gadgets.   I used to game (and by used to, I mean up until a few months back).   Years ago I liked Role Playing Games, later I ran LAN parties…up until the break up I had a media center PC hooked up to the TV, the kids had a PC and Gamecube to use, the Ex had her own PC, there was also a PS2 and eventually a Wii.

So I may have a collection of over 400 DVDs and various *ahem* backups on my PC, still enjoy comic books (and make the distinction of calling them graphic novels)…I could go on, but I am pretty sure that I have covered the Geek thing.

That all said, this isn’t the reason for CW referring to me as an emotional Geek.   So what could it be? I hear you cry (I love the voices in my head sometimes)

Ok ok, so I love Liverpool Football Club…always have, always will.   It’s kind of a parental relationship at times..you know, the always love, but don’t always like kind of deal.   When I talk about the club, I talk about it with the sort of passion that suggests it is actually my team.   That is completely normal for most English football fans and I suspect for passionate football fans the world over.   I don’t recall what was said, but whilst referring to my beloved LFC I was called a Geek…

I very gently pointed out that a Football Geek would normally be a statto that keeps useless facts about every game hidden in the darkest depths of their mind…just to troll out at moments that people specifically designed to be impactive, accurate, articulate and cure insomnia.   I also pointed out that I am simply a passionate fan, and recounted the following story:-

The day after a particularly impressive victory by LFC, I was to be seen wearing my LFC shirt.   Anyone that knows me would tell you that this is not an unusual item of clothing for me to wear.   They would also tell you that I am more likely to wear the shirt following a loss.   Whilst I am in a shop, random guy x walks up to me and proceeds to tell me that I am a “Typical Liverpool Fan”, and that I am only wearing the shirt because Liverpool won.   I respond by lifting the sleeve of my top, I then point at the LFC tattoo on my shoulder and say “I am always wearing them mate…win, lose or draw”.   This gentleman of questionable team loyalty (for he did not show any tattoo) was at a loss as to how he should respond, and simply walked away.

When I finish regailing this (miraculously) short story, CW looks at me and says:

“Ok, you aren’t a typical Geek..you are an emotional Geek”


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