Friday 13th

SuperstitionToday is that most heinously scary of all days, Friday the 13th.   muahahHAHAHAHAAAAAA…or something.

I personally have never subscribed to the theory that a day can be scary in and of itself, unless of course you have decided to go naked skydiving into the Everglades…with a hanky for a parachute…blindfolded and sporting “All Crocodiles are Pussies” tattoos on your chest and arse cheeks whilst singing “See ya later alligator” over and over again.

For instance, and eschewing all fear, I have an important day today that might steer my next few years in Germany.   Did I shrink at the thought of doing it on Friday the 13th?   No, I positively welcomed it…to fly in the face of bad luck.   Or should that be to push my luck?   One of those anyway.

Of course, if it all goes wrong, I will completely embrace Friday the 13th and never leave the apartment again on such a day. Halloween will take on a whole new meaning and I will stop taking the piss out of random American women by standing behind them and whispering “Bloody Mary”.

Apparently, being scared of this day means you have paraskavedekatriaphobia (thanks Wikipedia), which sounds altogether too painful for me.   I love the breakdown though…it comes from the Greek words paraskevi (means Friday), dekatre?­s (means 13) and then you glue phobia to the end of it. Hey presto, you have FridayThirteenFear, and probably A Division by Zer0 visiting to correct me for daring to use anything Greek in the blog.   Noone really knows where it came from though.   I would hazard a guess and say that most people were brought up with the notion that 13 is unlucky….we don’t know why, but we accept it..but Friday??   Friday is the beginning of the weekend, how can that be unlucky?!?   Surely Monday the 13th is more terrifying…unlucky 13 and the first day back at work/school etc?

Gives me the shivers just thinking about it.

Of course Friday the 13th brings out that time honoured British clich?? “Lucky for some”.   That really takes the horoscope side of things doesn’t it.   Of course it will be lucky for some, in the same way that “Cancerians with heads may be forced to take nourishment today, you will read something, you may or may not meet someone and they may or may not like you” is a very accurate assessment of my day.

Also, I wrote this 2nd post for y’all today..which, depending on your view, will either confirm that today is unlucky or not.   Admittedly, it is 09:05 now and I realised it was Friday the 13th about five minutes ago…so thought I would knock something up honour the day in some way.

Back to the grind, try not to step on any black cats made out of broken mirrors if you can.

4 thoughts on “Friday 13th

  1. Db0 here coming to correct you :P

    In Greece we actually don’t have Friday the 13th as unlucky. We have Tuesday the 13th. No idea why.

    But the name of the phobia is certainly a mouthful. I guess in greece it would be ΠÎ??Î???Î?Î???Î?δÎ?Î?Î????Î?Î?????Î?Î?Î? which just sounds…wrong.

  2. I am pretty sure he means in general…but I could be wrong – He has like 15 different first names, it is entirely possible that they have re-written this years calendar just to prove a point..

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