Bargains, Bargains, Much Geekness

protect your pocketOk, so I recently told of how I have been recently referred to as an emotional geek.

I can live with that, I don’t really have much of a choice. That said, even though I embrace my inner geek, I have always maintained that I am not a sterotypical geek.

The problem with that statement was brought to light when I looked around the office the other day…and realised that none of the lads I work with (except one or two) are what you would refer to as a sterotypical geek.

By definition, that makes us all stereotypical geeks, albeit new and improved, or something.

Gone are the days of open toed Jesus Creepers with grey socks, glasses, a beard and pocket protectors lined with pens. Instead, todays modern geek is generally social, likes sports, drinking and women (pick your own order).   Also, as I have 4 children..I can say with absolute certainty, that I have had sex at least 4 times in my life…fuck you original geeks, fuck you in your taped up glasses, bad acne and too short trouser legs.

It’s a little like “Alternative comedy” (a phrase coined in the 90’s I think), it started off as alternative when it was unusual and almost every comedian is an alternative comic, which by definition makes them standard comics I suppose.   These days Little and Large would be considered alternative… Oh god, I hope they don’t try and make a come back…they really should just stick to advertising double glazing.

The thing is, it is pretty good to be a “New” Geek these days.   The fact that almost everyone has a computer of some description and the internet connected means that we are in demand…I have had many a night out pretty much paid for through the favours network generated by geekdom.   Although you do have to be careful, CW and I were watching a show on Sunday and I made a throwaway reference to Star Trek, which prompted a look, that I can’t accurately describe, from CW…followed by “Oh god, you’re not a trekkie are you?   Battlestar Galactica is one thing, but Star Trek!”

Fortunately for me the whole Star Trek thing passed me by.   Don’t get me wrong, I have watched some episodes in a “It’s on but I can’t be arsed to get up and reach to the coffee table to turn over” kind of way.   I will even admit to liking some of what I saw, but I could never get into it.

The new Battlestar Galactica is genius though (I say new, it has been running for 5 years).   When you watch it, half the time you can forget that it is set in is a deeply dark drama.   Sure, they are playing the spiritual/Gods card a little too much for my liking, but the acting is superb and it kind of draws you in.   I am a fan, but not a fanboy.   That said, I think that the vitriol laid against it by Dirk “Face from the A-Team” Benedict is possibly a little too much.   He goes so far as to say that this “Re-imagining” is actually an “Un-imagining”.   I kind of think he has missed the point a little bit.   The original show was an enjoyable family Sunday evening show in the Buck Rodgers style…harmless basically.   The new version has turned it into a serious drama set that explores humanity with compelling writing.   He rails against allowing the “Enemy” to be able to justify their actions.   Surely that was missing from the original.   Based on the original show, the “Enemy” were mindless robots who just didn’t like humans.   Giving them their own sense of justification makes the war make sense in a certain way.   It allows the viewer to empathise if they want to….Arse.

Ah yes, it’s nice to be able to prove other peoples points sometimes…I stopped typing above as I realised that I was being particularly geeky there, and possibly fanboy’esque.

Talking of TV shows, it was recommended to me by JD and a couple of others after her that, I should watch Leverage.   So I did…what a great show.   It reminds me of the Oceans series of films, but episodic.   Great show, can’t recommend it enough.

Umm, back to my Geekness or lackthereof….I can’t really deny it I suppose, but think of me as Geek+ or Geek 2.0…I maintain compatibility with the old Geeks, but add new options and features.   I don’t have an adenoid problem a la Morris from the IT Crowd.   I don’t believe that Star Wars and Star Trek are insightful glimpses into our future.   I do recognise the importance of technology…particularly to me, but don’t believe that it is the be all and end all.   I do eat some crap sometimes, but I don’t survive on whatever the German equivelant to Mountain Dew and Cheetos would be.

That all said, watching someone double click a link on a webpage makes a little piece of me die…

So there it is, I am Geeky McGeek of the Clan Geek…and frak it*, why not.

* May or may not be copyrighted by the creators of BSG…

PS:   I probably should apologise for this post, I am feeling particularly discombobulated this morning, and possibly frasmotic…

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  1. If we progress at this rate, we will be able to fully integrate into society seamlessly…there will be no stopping us…soon we will take over the world – It’s only a matter of time


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