Your car is not your apartment…

Road Rage*People, seriously.   Ok so right now I mean people of Frankfurt, seriously!

I realise that your car feels like your personal haven, maybe you are listening to your favourite audio book, a piece of music, an interesting political debate on the ethics of the modern mans role in breastfeeding..primarily if he should be forced to undergo some form of surgical enhancement/estrogen course to allow lactation.   I do, I get it.

For women, it is a mobile dressing room where makeup is to be applied and hair brushed or straightened.   Disturbingly, in Sachsenhausen, it would appear that men like to do makeup and their hair aswell…ok, it takes all sorts I suppose.

I went for a walk the other day, I was only out for 50 minutes…in those 50 minutes I saw the following :

A woman changing her babies nappy…the kid was still on the passenger seat when she moved away from the traffic lights

2 people eating, but with 2 hands..driving with their knees I assume

1 guy reading a newspaper, with it   spread across the steering wheel

Another guy having a shave, fortunately with an electric shaver…driving in heavy traffic whilst looking permanently at his mirror.

A woman changing her top, presumably to something more comfortable.   Nice breasts though, so it wasn’t all bad.

And of course, plenty of people picking their noses and eating it…which I don’t really have a problem with…I have a problem with the guy that was flicking it out of the window with no regard for innocent passers by.

Aside from the ridiculous things it is also interesting to watch people though as they wend their merry way through life.   You have the stern looking people, seemingly angry at the world…certainly road rage/heart attack candidates.   Then there are the easily distracted know the type…always in shock when traffic stops, or moves, or their indicators blink, that they are in the car at all…kind of like the double take brothers below:

There are those people that are laughing out loud at the radio, the very important business types chatting away on their bluetooth doing things far more important than you or I could ever hope to comprehend (some of them even have laptops on their seats or dashboard!), and of course there are the cabaret acts.   The singing (and sometimes dancing) fools that are completely tuned out of the world and into what they are listening to that they don’t even see you.   They seem to drive on autopilot, quite how they manage to avoid crashing is beyond me.

Occasionally, and normally if you are driving a truck or van…you will see people having sex – That is quite funny, especially when you beep at them to let them know you can see ;-)

What sort of idiotic or funny stuff have you seen people doing in their cars?

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