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laserWorking in IT means that in 90% of job hunting scenarios, you will be utilising the services of a job agency.   After some time, your CV will be basically everywhere.   This is a good thing and leads agencies to get in contact with you when they feel they have something that meets your requirements.

Even when you aren’t looking for work, there is a deep satisfaction and a nice ego massage when someone calls/emails to say “We want you”.   That said, I have been recently contacted to see if I would be interested in a number of positions that I don’t think I am entirely suited for..

Web Development Manager
Senior Corporate Counsel
Financial Director

It’s quite an impressive and spectacularly annoying failure on the part of their software I think.   Clearly they are just scanning the CV for any of the words…seemingly contained in the dictionary and when they find a hit, send me a frickin email.

My personal fave though has to be a recent email for the position of Thunderhead Developer.   I mean, I like Thunder and I have a head…but I certainly don’t have either of those things on my CV, not even in my decidedly boring hobbies and interests section.   Or maybe I am being recruited by a Bond villain as a henchman evil designer.   Trying to develop the latest and greatest Moon based giant laser beam and shark tank combo.   I could help with the interior design of the Volcanoe hideaway and recruit other henchmen to do my evil masters bidding.

I could even become his (or her…let’s face it, women have the greater capacity for evil anyway) right hand man, you know..taking over the duties when they are on holiday, or incarcerated in a maximum security cryogenics facility.

Anyway, back to the job agencies…I think I will amend my CV and have keywords hidden in white, 2pt text at the bottom.   So far I am thinking “Evil, Kidnap, Lair, Sharks, Laser, Moon and kittens”.     Should be interesting to see what they email me about after that lot.

In other news, I will try and get back to blogging more frequently…I just keep getting distracted and frankly the distractions are more interesting than writing anything ;-)

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